The pain of staying the same

My dad and I entered the swimathon yesterday

To swim 5km

Which is 200lengths


I’ve done it before

It was so boring!!!

So why am I doing it again?

It’s not to raise money particularly

It’s not to feel good about myself

It’s because I need a target to work towards

And swimming is the activity that stresses out my body the least.

Since I had my bike accident about 2 years ago

My body has been a mess

I can’t sit down without extreme discomfort

But I can swim

I’ve been meandering a lot with my training in the last 6 months

Bitting and bobbing around

Making excuses

Because I was comfortable

Can you relate to that?

I was able to maintain my weight and my body shape

I was happy with it

But I have now reached a point where I am unhappy with my fitness level

I used to be ridiculously fit

About 18 months ago

I let that slide away

But that’s ok

I can just start again and build it back up

It will take time

But I have time

I have the rest of my life to aim to perfect my lifestyle balance

The thing that kicked me into gear though

Was finally accepting that the pain of changing, was less than the pain of staying the same

Do you feel that way too?

Sometimes we can know that we need to do something

Like exercise more

Or eat less junk

junk food

But until that pain of your reality becomes MORE than the pain of changing

Then you won’t do it!

And neither would I!

I’m not a super human…

So my reality is that I am now committing to a 5km swim

In about 3 months

I know I can do it

Because I’ve done it before

I imagine you can relate to that too??

You know that you can lose weight

Because you’ve done it before right!!!

Let me know when you feel that shift of pain

Change is painful

We like our habits just as they are

We are comfortable

But as soon as you become uncomfortable

Hit me up

And I’ll help you create an action plan

That doesn’t feel too overwhelming

So that change, won’t be so painful after all!

Nicola ‘michael phelps’ Rossell


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