The exception to the rule

The exception to the rule

My dad got his health check done this week

And apparently he is as healthy as a horse!

I can scarcely believe it

He doesn’t have the healthiest approach to nutrition

BUT to give him his due he is VERY physically active!

It got me thinking about how I advise my clients

And what our expectations are about health

There are certain things that we know about the body

That ring true for MOST people

  1. Being overweight is harmful to your health and puts you at risk of disease
  2. Putting junk into your body will not support your organs, tissues and metabolism long term
  3. Exercising like a maniac will eventually end in disaster and burnout

NOW we all know one person that is the exception to these rules don’t we?

That annoying person who can eat whatever they like without consequence!

In the same way that we all know a smoker who has had no lung problems

BUT this does not stop us from knowing that smoking contributes to lung cancer

AND makes is much more likely that you will get lung cancer!

It’s easy to think that these people are lucky because we don’t see what is going on inside the body

We only really look at the outer value

They are slim or fit and we assume healthy

But you can be slim and unhealthy

And on the flip you can be overweight but healthy on paper

As evidenced by my dad

He is capable of running marathons and completing ironman triathlons

DESPITE his lifestyle choices!

Unfortunately not everyone has the ability to do this

The biggest thing that I want you to take away today is that…..

Healthy should not be a chore

It should be a lifestyle….

And how you reach healthy is down to the choices that you make

If your current reality is that you are not getting the health or body results that you want

Perhaps you are not living the healthy lifestyle that you need

We are all different and an individual approach is what we need!

Stuck in a rut?

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Nicola Rossell

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