The easiest way to get what you want

Part of getting the body that you want is taking some time to prepare your week

You can’t expect to make progress towards your goals

If you cannot be bothered to spend 30minutes on a Sunday afternoon planning your schedule

If you don’t plan, you’ll get into a rut really quickly

You’ll get into the ‘oh I’ll do it tomorrow’ mode

But tomorrow never comes does it!

And suddenly you’re at Friday again thinking ‘where the hell did my week go?’

Commit to the things that will get the results that you want!

Schedule in time for exercise


Preparing meals in bulk (so that when you get home tired from work there is food ready, and you don’t just go for the take away!)

Sitting down with your family and relaxing

You time (resting, recovering, reading, walking – whatever you enjoy that is just for you)

This all needs to be planned in

Otherwise YOU WONT DO IT

I know you wont

And YOU know that you wont

Stop lying to yourself

Get it done

Nicola Rossell


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