The chocolate monster

Being a Personal Trainer can come with its contradictions (or so our friends and family think)

From the outside….because we talk about health, fitness and nutrition (A LOT) it can appear like Personal Trainers lead morally superior lives and spend time judging other peoples food and lifestyle choices


This is simply not true


I want to aim today to humanise us so that we might not seem so intimidating to approach


If you need some help with your lifestyle, with habit change, with improving your health…


I want you to be able to approach one of us with confidence, knowing that we ARE here to help (and not judge)


So I thought I’d share with you a few things that I do, that might be considered ‘unhealthy’ so that you can see that we are all just human beings, just trying our best


  1. I eat chocolate A LOT, yes it IS dark chocolate and no….I don’t eat a whole 100g bar in one go….but I do LOVE chocolate and I found a way to include it in my daily meals and snacks because I like the taste
  2. My workouts usually last 30-45mins because I just don’t enjoy working out for much longer than that…and I realised that I was much more consistent when I did shorter workouts, than when I tried to last for hours in the gym
  3. I eat out A LOT, I love socialising, I love trying out new foods and sometimes I can’t be bothered to cook – so eating out is a large and important part of my social health (despite the fact that it is often considered to be unhealthier)
  4. I meditate every day….well to be honest it’s more like 4 times a week….whilst I get the science behind the concept…I’m not always great at doing the stuff I know will help …. I am only human
  5. I go to bed early, like 9pm because I get up at 6am, without my sleep I become MONSTER-NICOLA and no one wants that version of me, least of all me.
  6. I give myself credit for the small stuff (like eating a healthy lunch, or walking to the shop instead of driving), because it boosts my confidence and makes me more consistent with my choices week in week out
  7. Sometimes I lie on the couch, spoon my puppy and binge watch a netflix series, because I just need some down time (and that’s ok!)
  8. I often don’t tell people that I am a personal trainer because if they DON’T assume I am judging their choices and get a bit awkward (happens all of the time), they WILL otherwise assume that I will give them a free analysis of their food choices…which I simply don’t want to do when I’m out for dinner
So I hope that the above examples highlight that us personal trainers are HUMAN TOO

I am not judging you


I AM here to help


And if you need someone to talk to who understands where you are coming from….


If you want an approach to healthy weight loss that encompasses lifestyle balance, flexible eating (so that you can enjoy yourself without the guilt) and a basis in health AND having fun


Let’s talk ->


Nicola ‘chocolate monster’ Rossell

Chocolate face