It only takes 164 hours

How hard do you find it to brush your teeth?

It’s pretty easy right, you do it every day? That’s because it’s a habit that you created when you were young.

Making your bed, that’s another habit that you do every morning (I hope)

Turning the radio on in the car – another habit

Making your breakfast….

bowl of food

You get the idea right, we are creatures of habit and we love our comfortable habits because they take no brain power to get them done. Often we do them on auto pilot and barely remember even picking up the toothbrush.

A lot of my work with clients involves changing these habits, don’t worry I don’t want you to stop brushing your teeth and making your bed…

Lifestyle habits are the bit that everyone finds so hard to change because they HAVE become comfortable.

Often I have no problem getting clients to come and workout in the gym – they love doing that, its new and exciting and they see progress and feel great!

But you are probably spending no more than 3-4 hours in the gym/working out per week


This leaves 164 hours where your bad habits could be stopping you from getting the results that you want.

I want you to address this right now because you’re probably paying A LOT of money to be a gym member, to hire a coach, to be part of a club or team….if they are not helping you to change your lifestyle, they won’t change your life!

If education about health, lifestyle and well being are not a part of what you are doing at the moment, then I want you to seriously reconsider what you are investing into your current programmes.

I don’t want you to jump ship, I simply want you to ask questions, explore what is available, are there a blog, a website, and a podcast where they provide this information? Do they hold weekly Q+As or seminars that you could jump into and learn more?

Habit change is hard but when you have the knowledge it becomes a little easier. Knowledge really is power and you can have the power to super charge your efforts to get results for your life, body and health.

If you want to know more and want to learn this from me just click this link for a free call from me

I want to help you achieve the results that you crave

I specialise in working with overweight ladies whose lifestyles have become their main problem, it’s not about deprivation and quitting all of those things that you love to do

It’s about finding the right balance of all of those things for YOU

Nicola Rossell

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