I’ve seen this myth play out with disastrous consequences

Sweating is a product of working hard

Your body temperature rises

And your body tries to cool down by sweating, which then evaporates off the skin

Having an internal cooling temperature on the body

I think this myth has been perpetuated by memes that state nonsense like

‘Sweat is fat crying’

I’m sure you’ve seen similar things

Heck, maybe you have believed these things

I’ve certainly taken on ladies who have been exercising at a punishing intensity

Believing that they just have to push harder

Sweat more

Grind more

Get into #beastmode….

And it only leads down one road

Frustration alley!

Because your body is not a machine

It does not have an unlimited supply of energy

And even if the exercise makes you feel good

It could be having a long term negative effect

Particularly on things like your hormones

Which incidentally play a huge role in your weight loss efforts

Your body has to feel safe to lose weight comfortably and in a healthy manner

You COULD certainly force your body to lose weight quickly

And use exercise aggressively but I argue that the long term consequences might not be worth it

In my experience

It is much more powerful to strip back your exercise to the bare minimum

And find a balance that works for you

Building up your workouts over time, when your body is ready!

(this is coming from someone who used to train 20-25 hours a week)

Since I cut back my training

In fact, since I took a break altogether

I’ve found it easier to lose (and maintain) weight

My moods are better (I’m less of  snappy cow)

My energy is MUCH better

I take care of my body now

My appetite is under control

My cravings are minimal

My sex drive is back to normal

And I have loads more time to do other things that I enjoy

Exercise took over my life

And it nearly destroyed my health

I thought that I was controlling my body composition with those 25 hours each week

I thought that I was being healthy

It turns out

I was swimming, cycling and running my body into a big sticky mess

It took me 3 years to get back to a state of feeling ‘well’ again

Now I focus on activities that I enjoy

Things that I know make my body stronger

Without punishing myself, without risking getting back into that addictive cycle

I use yoga, Pilates and walking as a foundation

And I throw in swimming, climbing and dancing when I feel like it

The first port of call for you…?

Look at the exercise you are doing, do you enjoy it, truly?

Or are you just doing it because you think it’s the only way to control your weight?

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