This is a statement that needs more context!

Most things in the health and fitness industry are grey areas

Rarely is anything black and white

Which is why I refuse to publish diet plans

And set rules for the masses

Because one size simply does not fit all!

So supplements then…..

There are some supplements that I recommend individually to my clients

Let me be clear…

I am not suggesting that YOU should include any of these in your lifestyle

That is a conversation to be had with your doctor or a coach

I recommend certain protein powders to increase protein levels (especially if the individual does not enjoy/cannot eat meat or fish)

I recommend a vitamin D supplement in some cases for health and immune function

I recommend a vitamin B complex in some cases for health and balance

I recommend high quality fish oils in some cases for general fatty acid balance and joint/general health

I recommend magnesium and zinc in some cases for muscle recovery

I recommend probiotics and prebiotics in some cases for gut health

But these are all dependent on the individual and their needs!

You should NEVER take a supplement if you are not sure what it does

If you do not understand the reason why….

Or if it has been sold in a manner that raises your hopes about weight loss

Be savvy to marketing tools that are trying to get your hard-earned money

And prey on your desperation to lose weight

Some of the major ones to watch out for include

Raspberry ketones -> there is no evidence behind this

Detoxes -> your body is pretty good at detoxing itself

If you are unsure, ask someone that you trust

Never take something on a whim

Never put your body at risk!

A HIGH QUALITY supplement regime can be a useful tool for assisting in health and weight loss

BUT… has to be alongside a healthy nutritional foundation

Focus your energies, money and time on building a solid healthy foundation

And you will find that your body adapts and changes

When you put the right stuff in

Your body will respond!

The supplements on their own will make minimal difference

There is no substitute for taking care of your body

And the wrong supplements, in the wrong amounts can be DANGEROUS

Don’t risk it

Ask for guidance!



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