The straw that broke the camels back

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Do you know what is holding you back from losing weight?

From being in control of your health and happiness?


It’s hard to hear

It was certainly hard for me to hear when my own coach called me out on this too

He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck (figuratively)

And laid on the truth

  1. I was never going to change if I was not willing to work on my confidence
  2. I was never going to change if I did not learn to protect my energy
  3. I was never going to change if I did not begin to respect myself
  4. I was never going to change if I did not take steps to unpick my limiting beliefs

Because my beliefs

And your beliefs….control what you do

And it all starts with a thought

Your thoughts over time become your beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your actions

And your actions determine your results

So if you’re not seeing the results showing up in your life

The results that you claim to so desperately want ….

Then we need to trace it back and question

So that we can get the power back over your actions!

When I began to see the light

When I spent time working on my confidence

When I made the protection of my energy, my priority

When I committed to working on my mindset every day

I saw results show up in my life that I could not have even imagined

  1. I lost 1 stone
  2. I evolved my relationships to a whole new level
  3. I tripled my income (whilst taking more time off!)
  4. I delivered live seminars and events
  5. I started a daily podcast on itunes
  6. I ran a 100% free community 12 week personal training programme to help ladies to experience true change

Those are just some of the things that I managed to pull off since I built and protected my ENERGY and my CONFIDENCE

My mentor pushed my buttons

Called me out

Made me face the truth

And stop hiding from reality

Made me stop telling my ‘I’m a victim’ stories

So that I could evolve into a better version of myself

Are you hiding from reality?

Are you telling yourself a story about why you can’t do it?

Stop hiding

Stop pretending that everything is ok

And start facing reality

Because the reality is my friend….if you don’t change then you are going to stay the same (or get worse!)


PS…if this triggered something in you, if a fire has been lit in your belly to finally CHANGE…..

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