Stop living in the future – The brain games part III

Stop living in the future

The brain games – part III

This is a toughie to get your head around

Because we have so strongly engrained our future selves into ourselves

But if the ideal version of yourself lives in the future

Then misery lives with you today

It comes down to being happy with who you are

If you love yourself

Warts and all

You’re on the right track!

But if you gaze into the mirror

And feel anything but unconditional love…

We have work to do my friend

We need to fix the present version of yourself

Before we can fulfil the future desires

We must make choices from a place of love

Not fear

Let me give you an example

When you get home from work

Tired, lethargic, hungry

Its dark outside

And the house is cold, you forgot to set the heating timer


You start deciding what you want to make for dinner

Your brain toys with your choices

  1. Throw together a fresh salad
  2. Order a pizza

The salad will take less than 10 minutes to put together

But it does require some effort, pots, pans, chopping boards etc

salt-and-pepperSaladsteakCooking, kitchen

The pizza will take 45mins…..

Only you know what you choose more often than not…

But I can guess!

When we make choices from a negative place

A fearful place

We end up getting angry at the world as a result

And we don’t own the decision

We will quite easily blame the circumstances

‘it was dark and cold’

‘I ate a healthy lunch so I can have a take away for dinner’

‘I was too tired to cook’

Until you fix the broken relationship inside yourself

Until you come at your decisions with unconditional love


You won’t make the right decisions for most the time

And that’s what we need

We don’t need 100%

We don’t even need 90%

We just need the make good decisions for the majority

And that balance

That majority is a personal thing for you to figure out

So, if you’re going to get ONE take away

Take away this

Love yourself unconditionally

This does not mean that you stop striving for more

But until you accept who you are RIGHT NOW

You won’t be able to reach that future you


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