10000 steps a day is a pointless goal

10000 steps a day is a pointless goal

Says this American scientist…


I happen to disagree with him

Having worked with ladies who want to lose weight

Having seen the results that we can get when we introduce and increase walking and general daily movement…

It is my belief that aiming for 10000 steps per day is a fine goal

When you are introducing anything new to your routine

You must start small

If you only walk 1000 steps per day now

Don’t aim right for 10000

You’ll ache, you’ll hurt and you’ll probably feel like it’s not worth the hassle

But if you build up slowly

Week 1 2000 steps

Week 2 3000 steps




Small increases will barely be noticed

But will make a big difference over time!

This is the approach that I take with all of my ladies

We don’t just haul ass and go postal with crazy exercise and extreme diets

We look at where you are now

We will look at where you want to get to

And we will make a plan to get there

So don’t be put off my sensational headlines

If you are aiming for 10000 steps, and it makes you feel good


Crack on!

Because there is nothing bad about moving your body more

If you’re still not sure

Talk to me

And let me help you

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Nicola ‘these boots are made for walkin’ Rossell

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