Instead of giving something up this month (or in the new year)


Why don’t you START something positive?


Re-framing the activity


…AND changing the language that you use….


Makes a real difference in your feelings about the choices that you are making!


Instead of giving up chocolate, or ice cream, or pizza, or beer….


Why don’t you start something instead???


Start a positive habit that will change your mindset….


A habit or activity that will boost your confidence and self esteem…


SO THAT when you feel unsure you will have a foundation of confidence in the bank to draw on to make better choices


When you operate from a place of SELF ESTEEM and SELF LOVE…you will find it a lot easier to make consistent choices in your health, well-being and weight-loss


Let’s think of some examples:

START spending 10 minutes in the morning, before doing anything else, either meditating, sitting with your thoughts or doing some gentle stretching. Whichever feels most natural.

START reading a paper book at night just before, or after you get into, bed. Whichever feels most natural.

START spending 10 minutes a day de-cluttering.

I am quite convinced that you can reclaim these 30 minutes back from reducing scrolling on your phone.

The idea is to spend more time inside your own head, rather than getting involved in things that don’t benefit you.


Which; over time; leads on to –

START putting your own needs first. This is harder to quantify, but I think you will know when you are doing it.


Let me know what you think

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Keep up the good work!