In the spirit of talking about food

I rarely watch the tv, being more of a netflix girl

But i caught something the other day on BBC that made me sit up and take notice

There was a feature on eating bugs (can you imagine why that caught my attention!)

Yes that’s right

Eating critters




And ….. massive tarantulas

The chap on the tv choked it down bless him

and I nearly vomited my recently ingested steak onto my keyboard

Apparently there are 2000 species of bugs that we could be tasting and including in our diets for more protein and more variety!

Who fancies a crunchy critter?

No…me either!

However I did like the idea behind it all

To encourage people to get more protein into their lives

To encourage more variety in foods

And to encourage looking at alternative sources for your meals

Now I’m not suggesting that you start chowing down bugs from your back yard

But if you could get to grips with more variety

If you began to experiment and try new things

If you could learn more about what is available to you as we learn more about food and health

Well, you might find something new that you want to include in your food repertoire

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