Sometimes the truth hurts

Sometimes the truth hurts

Sometimes the things that hurt us are not the truth

Getting triggered by other people

And things that happen in your life

Your reactions to these events….

These are habits now

These are reactions that feel out of your control

But your actions do not serve you…..

Binge eating

Binge drinking

Binge procrastinating

Binge shopping

All of these are things that we have learned to do

To sedate how we truly feel!

There is a disconnect between what you say you want

(health, happiness, confidence, weight loss)

And what you are actually doing!

And when we take a good hard look at ourselves

When we are truly introspective

We know this

We know that our actions are not adding up

We know that we are taking steps further away from who we want to be

Every time we allow ourselves to slip into sedating

The problem…..

The bloody problem is that we can convince ourselves that it is ok to feel this way

We convince ourselves that the little bursts of fake happiness that we get from eating junk food, from being buzzed on alcohol, from that feeling that you get when you click PURCHASE online…. ARE ENOUGH, enough to get by!

We can spend our whole lives getting by like this

But I don’t want to get by

And I don’t want you to settle for getting by

There is a whole world out there

Full of happiness, health and confidence ready for you to embrace it

IF…you are prepared to admit that you have been sedating things for some time now

That day came for me 4 years ago

Someone struck me dumb with their words

It was like they were inside my head

I never knew that anyone else would understand what I was feeling

It hit me like a train

And initially I resisted

Because true to form, when we are in this cycle

It’s hard to see a way out

When someone like me, a coach is saying that things can change

You’re thinking ‘yeah right, jog on!’

But if a tiny part of you wants this

If a tiny part of you wants things to change

Just remember me

Remember this email

Whether you take a step today


Or in a year

Remember the people who tried to tell you the truth

The people who can help you through this are not those who dish out hugs and unicorns

They are the people who are willing to stand up and tell you the truth

Knowing that the truth hurts like hell

But the rewards, when you embrace it…..are endless!

A lifetime of happiness, clarity and freedom is waiting for you

If you want to work for it?