Slow cooker, the saviour of modern cooking!

The dawn of the slow cooker

I love my slow cooker! I am pretty late to the game with this, but I am now making full use of this beautiful little appliance!

It is one of the best investments I made in kitchen ware EVER.

After a long day…

What do we look forwards to when we get home after a long day? I know I would love there to be a nice meal prepared for me on the table waiting for me to devour…

But we don’t all live in a reality like this, and more often than not, after the stress of a long day working and commuting we don’t always feel like taking the effort to prepare and cook a nice balanced meal.

In our fast paced society we have started to become lazy and tired and slack with our nutrition, especially when we are feeling hungry and tired.

And who can blame you right? You’ve worked so hard all day, sat in the rush hour traffic, had your cortisol levels raised chronically from the numerous encounters with rubbish drivers, silly cyclists and kamikaze pedestrians.

All you want to do is have your food ready quickly and sit and zone out for a bit, which we sometimes call ‘relaxing’.

That 3 month old microwave meal is calling you from the freezer, or that tin of beans in the cupboard is saying ‘i’ll only take 2mins in the microwave’ and then ping, dinner is served…

What is dinner?

Dinner to me is a key mealtime, especially after a long day at work where we may have encountered various levels of stress, heck we may have even missed lunch because we were just so busy!

Dinner should be packed with nutrients from lots of vegetables, full of flavour from some herbs and spices, and with a good dose of protein to fill us up and stop us from snacking later in the evening. Carbs are a good choice here too depending on your nutrition intake for the rest of the day! But some people find that consuming a good portion of carbs in the evening helps them to sleep.

Dinner should also, whenever possible, be shared with people in your life. Dinner time is a great time to sit around the table and talk, discuss current events, discuss your day, plan your week. Talk about whatever you like, but an interactive dinner table is a great atmosphere and I personally love to enjoy food with others!

Slow cooker

So back to the slow cooker, I digressed a little back there!

Using your slow cooker is so simple and easy.

Prep your veg, put it in the bottom, add herbs and spices

Prep your meat/fish lay it on top.

Use stock if the recipe says so

Otherwise let it all cook in its own juices

Leave for the allotted time stated by the recipe

And don’t worry about a thing!

You come home 6-8 hours later and a delicious hot meal awaits you

Dig in!

Recipes for the slow cooker

Do look for some recipes and guides online, after you have used it  a few times you can branch out and cook lots of different things in there.

Slow cooker recipes is quite a good link to get started with!

Get in touch

Do get in touch if you enjoyed your slow cooker experiences! And please do share recipes and ideas, I love to hear about new food ideas and I love trying out new flavours and dishes!