How to get flat toned abs….???

The eternal question

Contrary to popular belief…

Doing endless crunches and sit ups won’t get you the stomach that you want

In fact, if you want to get that flat stomach

Doing endless ab workouts will actually increase the bulk of your ab muscles

Which can give the appearance of a more pushed out stomach

So, loads of core work can give you a thicker set of abdominals, which might not be the look that you want

Confusing huh

It’s such a minefield really

You absolutely need core strength

For all of your movements, to make the progression in the gym/in your workouts

But as always there is a fine BALANCE between doing enough, and over doing it!

That balance is an individual thing, that you have to work out for yourself

And to achieve that toned stomach…

You have to find the balance between exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, stress, sleep….

A toned stomach, with visible abdominals means that one has low body fat

To get low body fat you have to be eating the right foods, and not storing any excess body fat

This could mean being quite strict with your nutrition (certainly stricter than you are now)

Stress affects your tummy fat too, high chronic stress upsets your hormones

Hormones like cortisol deposit fat around your mid-section

So, if you have a high stress lifestyle (minimal movement or over exercising, poor quality food, toxins, time poor, pollution, emotional stress, extended periods of screen time)

Furthermore, if you are not sleeping well, this will affect your hunger, your cravings and your blood sugar levels (your insulin sensitivity)

Again, risking depositing fat around the mid-section

I hope you are seeing how all of these things tie in together

I’ve gone into more detail than I intended

I got carried away

But the short of it is…..

When you focus on




The weight loss, the fat loss will come

But if you are neglecting one of these areas….

You will find it hard to lose weight, and keep it off

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Nicola ‘unstoppable’ Rossell