Shades of grey

Everything in fitness is about the shades of grey

It is never black nor white

I get asked a lot of questions

What is better, this or that

Is swimming better than yoga

Is chicken better than turkey

Is dark chocolate healthier than milk chocolate

Is low fat cheese better than full fat cheese


The answer to those questions

And almost every other fitness related question is…

‘It depends’

It always depends

On you

On your likes


Your tastes

Your abilities

Your financial situation

How you respond to exercise

Whether you find something that you love

Your mindset

Your ability to change

Your intrinsic motivation

Your support

Your environment

Your friends

Your family

Your partner

There is no one best way to do things

There is no one best exercise

There is no perfect meal

There is just you and your experiments

To figure out the best systems that you can easily apply to your life

That work for you AND your family….

That are simple enough….

So that when it gets hard

Or you get tired

You have a system in place that allows you to make the best choices

So next time you wonder whether you should do X, Y or Z….

Think about how it fits in

Think about the shades of grey

And don’t beat yourself up for choices make, when they were the best options available


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