Inspirational influences in the fitness industry

In order of discovery by me on my own learning journey!

I have done a lot of research in my degree, I have read a lot of books and I spend a lot of time absorbing information and thinking about how to apply it within my business. These are some of the main influences so far in my career. All of these people are have some things in common, they are incredibly smart and incredibly humble. Sharing information to help others is key to help the wider population start making some changes in their health. Sharing is caring! So here I am paying it forwards, to help you guys learn some awesome stuff!

Alex Ferentinos – provides superb information on training and nutrition. Absolutely a must follow. This chap is the first influence I had when I started my business. Recently published an e-book with some amazing recipes in and delivers workshops all over the UK to promote nutrition and cooking fresh tasty dishes.

The Strength Academy – the company who brought Alex Ferentinos to the forefront and got him touring the UK. A fantastic outfit who’s main body of work is focussed around strength and conditioning, technical lifting and kettlebells. Seriously good courses available for anyone who wants to nail technique down.

Wilde Performance – dynamic duo Cliff and Marta showcased at an Alex Ferentinos seminar I attended about 2 years ago and showed a passion for helping people that inspired me that is drawn from their own personal journeys back to health. Their main body of work is around the gut and how fixing the gut can improve all aspects of health.

The Lean Machines – once again I came across these cheeky chaps via Alex Ferentinos seminar and after watching their youtube channel they bring a smile to your face whilst breaking down science into simple digestible chunks. They also do it all topless, which wasn’t the only reason I started to watch, promise!

Precision nutrition – came across this company online, probably a re-post on facebook, they put out great blogs and info on nutrition and keep up to date with recent media and do a good job of putting out a balanced argument for their cause allowing you to come to your own conclusion.

Ben Coomber – founder of Body Type Nutrition – I’m not sure how I came across Ben, but it was one of the best finds so far! Not only does Ben put out a weekly podcast that has superb info on all manner of topics and a balanced, proven view with new guests and topics every week taking in questions from the public to highlight the relevance for everyone. Ben also runs a nutrition academy to bring the standard of personal training up to meet the needs of the population. A true entrepreneur and an inspiration to all. Creator of TDT Performance and Recovery spray which are revolutionary products, destined to change the way we do nutrition.

Anna Sward – co host of the Ben Coomber podcast in the earlier shows. Anna has produced a fantastic book called Protein Pow(d)er which has so many amazing recipes in based on protein powder cooking.

Phil Learney – I discovered Phil as a guest on the Ben Coomber podcasts in early days, Phil has his own series of podcasts that are great and provide his own perspective on all things nutrition and training. And if there is one thing that I would encourage you to do, is to get as many people’s opinions as you possibly can and keep an open mind when you are assessing information. If you find someone you respect don’t just take their word as gospel, think, question and come to your own conclusions. Phil also has an e-book coming out soon which looks set to be jam packed full of incredible info especially useful to anyone in the fitness industry looking to start helping other people!

Rachel Guy – the second co-host of the Ben Coomber podcast. Rachel has her own company called Athletic Fox and has a fantastic YouTube channel with some great presentations especially for women.  She also look incredible!

Layne Norton – Layne has a PHD in protein metabolism and once again provides some excellently presented and informative youtube video logs that go into good depth about some of his work and how it applies to everyone. Layne is a trainer and a professional body builder so he has a nice mix of research and application to support his work.

Martin MacDonald – I came across Martin via some friends who employ him as a nutritionist. Martin is no nonsense and is in the business of debunking myths and providing simple effective nutrition plans that optimise health and educate.

James Dunne – founder of kinetic revolution, a company that specialises in running technique and mobility work. I attended one of their workshops and found it to be well organised and superb for all manner of runners from those embarking upon a 5km for the first time to the seasoned marathoner. Technique is the foundation of all training, so I have a lot of respect for this company and what they stand for.

Abel James – an American version of Ben Coomber, all of his podcast/interviews are great fun and full of knowledge and interesting experiences. Abel is extremely personable and I really enjoy his work.

Elliot Hulse – a relatively intense watch/listen but provides some really unique perspectives and clearly knows his stuff. Elliot has seen it, done it and now is working hard to share it. He champions the quest for knowledge and for this I have the upmost respect for him and I think we could all learn a lot from his methods.

Heather Wynn – a fantastic and classy lady, one of the top coaches in the BTN academy. I met Heather at the BTN conference and her insight and experience was eye opening. A master in psychology, Heather will get inside your head and make you feel amazing! The word empowerment sums up Heather’s professional approach.

Paul Mort – badass emailer, podcaster and general marketing whizz. Paul’s unique style of absolutely no punches pulled, makes for a refreshing listen and any PT/coach should get on these and learn how to make the most out of your business!