Starting 2nd January 2017

Wanted: 10 Frustrated Fed-Up Leicester Ladies Who Want To Transform Their Body And Get Their Confidence Back!

To take part in a physique transformation programme that ensures great results and comes with a money back guarantee! 

Side effects: You might experience significant weight loss and feelings including delight, increased sex drive, happiness and confidence during and after the programme!


Beautiful Body Transformation Features:

All for the incredible price of £300 with a money back satisfaction guarantee


Benefits of the transformation:


Progress like this can be kick started with this programme


I will even throw in a few bonuses for those action takers who snap up this amazing offer because I love to over-deliver and give you amazing value!

Bonus Feature

  1. Personalised dietary analysis so that you can be certain that you are eating right for your body type allowing you to look and feel fantastic every day
  2. Access to a private on-line support forum which is the top secret to maintaining your weight loss after you complete the programme


Summary of Transformation package:

3 hours per week

12 weeks of training

Massive physique changes

Long term mindset changes

Are you up for it?

Starting on 2nd Jan 2017

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