Sports Massage Expectations: Before, During and After

Before your massage

Your privacy and comfort is my number one priority, I will endeavour to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with the procedure, please make sure you disclose any relevant information.

  1. Avoid eating a large meal within an hour of your treatment, this can lead to some discomfort
  2. Ensure you have visited the toilet so as not to feel uncomfortable during the massage
  3. Please arrive 5 minutes early to ensure swift appointment changeovers
  4. Dress in loose clothing that is easy to remove if necessary
  5. Please bring a drink of water for during and after the massage
  6. Discuss any concerns that you have with me before we begin

During your massage

Keep breathing deeply, do not hold your breath, this will help you to manage any discomfort

Speak to me during the massage only if you feel comfortable doing so, I will need occasional feedback from you regarding the intensity of the massage

After care advice

Avoid driving for <15mins after your treatment,  you may feel a little disorientated

Rehydrate with water to flush out toxins and speed up your recovery

Expect to see some light bruising in the areas that were worked on, some techniques go very deep and will bring out some bruising, this is completely normal and you should not be concerned

You might feel some aching this is also to be expected, and is a result of the deep tissue techniques

Complete any stretches that I demonstrate to you during the session

Book another appointment, regular massage will help to keep those aches and pains and injuries at bay!

If you have any concerns about your after care please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone/email