Pre Event Sports Massage

Prepare yourself for your event

You have probably seen massage tents set up at events, but have you ever had a Pre Event Sports Massage?

Time frame

A Pre Event Sports Massage can come in a time frame of anything from 24 hours to 30 minutes before your event. The massage will be a specific treatment to prepare you for your event, it is important therefore that you do give me some relevant information about yourself before you jump on the couch.

How does a pre event massage fit into my routine?

A sports massage on the same day as your event can work nicely with your warm up to prepare your body physically, pysiologically and psychologically for your competition! A full warm up is still required to ensure maximal performance and injury avoidance, a sports massage cannot take the place of a sports specific warm up.

What is the difference between a general sports massage and a pre event massage?

A general sports massage will use deep techniques to get in and break down scar tissue and this can cause some bruising and make the massaged part feel a bit lethargic.

A Pre Event Sports Massage will not work as deeply and will use techniques chosen for their appropriateness to you the client and the event. We do not want to make any drastic changes to your flexibility or movement at this time. I will work with your goals and apply my knowledge to ensure that you get the best out of the massage and out of yourself!

Please see my page on ‘what to expect from your sports massage‘ for tips and advice.

Get in touch

If you want to book in for a pre event massage please contact me and we can discuss your treatment and the timing of the treatment!

If you want to book me in for an event to provide massage for a group of people then please get in touch.