If you are scared of eating carbs, you must read this

Welcome back and let’s dive into myth #2

I wanted to get this one really clear

Because nutrition is a minefield

And I want to make it as easy as possible for you

Whilst still giving you the context that is needed!

And that’s the key with this one, it is in the context

So myth #2…..


Any food has the potential to tip you over into a caloric surplus and as a result cause fat storage in your body

Not just carbs.

Carbs are not evil, nor are they to blame for your weight gain.

Carbs, however, are easy to over eat, especially when paired with fats and salt

For example: crisps, chips, flavoured popcorn.

These are combinations that make these foods insatiable to us and we can often mistake over eating these indulgent foods

And simply blame carbohydrates as a food group because they are carbs!

You could for instance gain body fat just eating broccoli and chicken

IF you over ate it

This is much harder to do because…

  1. They don’t taste as good, so we are less likely to over eat
  2. They don’t contain as many calories, so we are less likely to tip into a surplus

Compared to things like pizza (fat, carb, salt combo)

Fries (fat, carb, salt combo)

Do you see?

Anything has the potential to cause weight gain

The devil is not in the food itself

The devil is in the dosage

I have my clients eating pizza, fries, popcorn, crisps (if they want to!)

But the portion is simply balanced in a way that works for their own body

Their energy

The results that they want to see

The response to eating those foods and the subsequent decisions

I hope that this is making sense

Don’t fear carbs

They are essential

Especially if you are working out hard

And for hormonal balance too (blood sugar, moods etc)

Some FABULOUS carbs to include are:

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Myth #2 -> DEBUNKED!


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