RF Strike a better balance (that pesky moderation explained!)


A massive part of training with us at RF is balance

Balance is such a blahhh word

Just like moderation….

We just use it so much…and don’t really know what it means in practise?!

Do you agree?

So I’m going to clear things up

And explain how we ‘do’ balance

We kick things off by looking at the whole lifestyle

Because at the end of the day

Everything that you do

All of your commitments

All of your hobbies

Your work

Your family, friends and associates….

Are going to play a role in any LIFESTYLE results that you want to get (including your weight loss)

In fact….ESPECIALLY on a weight loss journey!

So over time we decided that to get the best results possible in a lifestyle

We needed to set targets and goals ACROSS THE BOARD

This means taking everything into consideration…

And linking your goals and plans together for the most congruency (and ease)

So we separate our goals into 4 categories





Because these 4 categories can encompass all elements of a balanced lifestyle

And done properly, with care, attention and direction

Setting goals in all of these areas can accelerate your success rate in weight loss!

If you are not sure about what I am talking about

Or if you want to know more….

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