Recharging over the weekend

It’s Friiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyy

Do you look at your weekend like a life-raft?

Let me explain…

When I used to work in an office, I used to look to my weekend as a means of recovering from my exhausting week

I was over working

Over training

And over stressing about everything

I never took time for myself

I was always go go go

And I couldn’t fathom it any other way

Until I broke

Until my energy dropped through the floor

Until I was having to take a nap every afternoon for 2 hours

It took a couple of months for it to sink in

But I realised that I was not taking care of myself

And my body was fighting back

Almost forcing me to take care of myself!

When this happened, I took some drastic steps to alter my lifestyle

But the simplest and best thing I did was to give myself more TLC

When I did this my energy started to improve

I lost weight that had been stubbornly hanging on

And I realised that every day had to include something that was for me

Whether it was 5 minutes of chill time or 2 hours of reading…

The best thing about this…(if you’re someone who likes to give)

When my day starts with me

I have more to give to other people in the end!

If your weekend is just charging you up for another intense, stressful week

Let’s look at some strategies to simplify your load

Manage your stress

And let your body relax with some TLC

It will be the best thing you ever do in the pursuit of weight loss

Trust me!