Raving loons (or raving fans?)


‘What goes on in your member’s area Nicola?’
Someone asked me this question this week, so I wanted to give you a rundown of our latest live coaching video
So that you can see just how much benefit we can get from joining us with an online membership
(and how you could accelerate your weight loss results!)
This week we covered:
  • Why we always want MORE MORE MORE and how this could be a good thing, OR a very bad thing IF you don’t understand how to manage your stress, your mindset AND your weight loss!
  • How we reframe the things that happen to us, so that we can get past the bad things that happen in day to day life and STOP wasting energy on feeling sorry for ourselves
  • How to recognise where you are going wrong and HOW to put it RIGHT for your lifestyle!
  • How to avoid falling into a drift with your weight loss results
  • Why we use benchmark goal setting to ensure that you reach the targets that you WANT to achieve
  • How to accelerate your weight loss results with super simple weekly habits that never fail!
  • Why I want you to leave my services as SOON as possible (it’s not what you think)
  • Why our very simple concept of ‘the one thing’ has seen our members progress rapidly
  • How to avoid setting goals that don’t serve you
  • How to figure out your reason WHY and WHY this is essential for you to keep your motivation high and ACTUALLY make the changes that you need to make
  • Why WEIGHT LOSS is not what you REALLY want! REALLY!
  • And much more
BTW, the reason why I created Rossell Fitness was to give everyone
a chance to experience what specialist coaching is really like at
a price anyone can afford (just £1 for the first month).
It’s something I feel
amazing about and there’s no manipulation or shackles. It’s the reason
I wake up happy and confident each day knowing that I can give back to you!
It’s always why my members are raving fans of the content that I provide, because its real, raw and relevant, and something they can actually apply directly and easily to their own lives for REAL life changing results!
If you’d like to try it for just £1 – click HERE to join us
Nicola Rossell