The queen eats first

The queen eats first

You might have noticed that my email has popped into your inbox a little later than normal

The last week has been kind of hectic

Birthday celebrations spread out over 7 days… (not much to moan about eh)…

Left me with little time to spare and I fell behind

I didn’t get my email written for this morning in time

I was up early

But I just felt that I needed to focus on me first

So I did some yoga

I had a long hot shower to soothe my back

I practised my Spanish

I ate a delicious breakfast….

And then I got to work

I gave myself 90 mins at least before I even thought about working

This is what I want you to start thinking about

What are you doing as soon as you get up?

Are you giving yourself the gift of time and TLC

Or are you rushing around

Taking care of EVERYONE else

Leaving yourself as a last resort

How do you think that makes you feel later in the day




Mentally spent

And what do you think you end up doing as a result of those feelings


This means that you MUST start putting yourself first

I know, I know

You have kids and partners and jobs to get done

But just how useful do you think you will be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years

When you are heavier, less fit, less capable

More tired, more frustrated, with less patience

Do you think you will be able to keep putting others first?

Do you think you will be able to do that without feeling resentful?

Do you think that you will be able to keep on with just sheer force of will?

When you wear out

When you reach the end of your tether

When your energy falls through the floor…

It might be too late to drag yourself back

Start looking after yourself now

Start with just 5 minutes of ME TIME

Before you start the chaos of looking after everyone else

I have responsibilities too

I have you to support

I have my clients to support

I have family, friends and a partner

But unless I put myself first

I am not able to be the person that I want to be, for them

Take up your mantle as the queen

And give yourself a little something FIRST

Otherwise you risk burning out


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