Pumpkin spice and all things nice

Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons

At least for the colours and the food (if not for the chills)

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin spiced lattes

(sensing a theme here huh)

It also hosts 2 of my favourite events


And bonfire night

I just love the experience of both

Particularly watching the little ones don a mask and experience what it is like to be ‘unknown’

I’ve talked to you about wearing a mask before

About the mask that you are wearing

The mask that you put on in front of your family and friends

In front of your work colleagues

In front of everyone

Because you don’t want anyone to know how much pain you are in

How much you hate yourself

How much you wish things were different

So, you put on a mask

Heck….you put on a whole performance

So NO ONE knows how you really feel

If you’re thinking…’NICOLA how on earth have you seen through my façade…?’

It’s because, I’ve been there

I’ve worn that mask

I’ve put on my own performance

And it was astonishingly good, bafta worthy in fact

Because no one knew

No one picked dup on the fact that I wasn’t ok

And it’s not their fault either

Your friends, your family, the people in your life

You have become so good at pretending that all is A-OK that you have almost managed to convince yourself

But down there in the depths of your self-consciousness…

There is that version of yourself

That longs to be known

That longs to come forth

That longs to be taken care of

That longs for things to be different

To feel love

To feel happiness

To feel confidence

But until you own that part of yourself

Until you admit that it is there

Until you are brave enough to embrace it and take a step forward

Hand in hand with that version of yourself

And ask for some help

You will stay the same

You will stay hidden behind your mask

You will be repeating your performance on a daily basis

I’m offering to be that ear for you

To be that person who you open up to

And begin to change things

Begin to embrace yourself as worthy

Begin to love and respect yourself (like you have always wanted)

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