PT Pet peeve #5

‘Weight is the most important metric for weight loss and health progress’

I HATE this one


I hate it because I see so much damage being caused by this horrible little number

That number that peers up at you on the scales

Let’s be honest….the number is essentially innocuous

It’s our FEELINGS about the number that we see

And the way that we have been conditioned to relate our self worth to that number

I have this conversation with ladies on almost a daily basis

Especially when I am working with someone who has come from one of the bigger diet programmes

Where weight seems to be the most important metric

For arguments sake let’s do a pro con list

On the pro side

  1. Weight is easy to track
  2. We understand it (kind of)

That’s all I’ve got

On the con side

  1. Weight fluctuates with our menstrual cycles
  2. Weight fluctuates with what we eat (g. more water, more salt usually = more weight)
  3. You weigh more at the end of the day than at the start (it could be up to 2kg+ on some days!)
  4. We have learnt to associate our self worth with this number that we see
  5. What does weight even mean?

How can we use this entirely variable measurement as the ONLY means of determining our progress?

I have a different way of tracking things….

We track weight once per month or so (because it IS a useful metric in some cases)

But we also track

We not only get a much clearer picture of what is really going on

It also means that we are almost certainly going to get some props for the hard work that we are doing!

And feeling like you are being rewarded for your hard work

Is a big factor in keeping that ball rolling!

I know that weight plays such a role in our understanding of progress and results

But what if you could develop your understanding so that you no longer felt yoked to the scales

So that you felt empowered to keep working on your health

To keep building your confidence

And to keep moving forward regardless of what one metric might say that day…

If you want to learn more about the changes that you can make to get your ball rolling

And how to apply them in your life

So that you get the results that you want…

Whilst building up your health, your energy and your confidence!

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