Rossell Fitness RECHARGE. Women-only personal-training programme



– You will work with a women’s weight-loss specialist with the aim that you will lose weight AND keep it off, with no more yo-yo diets, no more restriction and no more guilt around your food choices!

-Our programme is exclusively women-only, flexible to fit around your week and full of variety to keep things interesting.

-This monthly programme will help you to kickstart your weight loss and teach you how to manage your lifestyle changes for the long-term.

-There are up to 4 training times available each week, it is my recommendation that you make sure that you can attend at least 2 of the weekly sessions to get the best results.


Training Times: 

Tuesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Friday 10.30am

Sunday 10am

All sessions are 55 mins



Features of RF Recharge

  1. Access to a women’s weight loss specialist with proven results ->> TESTIMONIALS
  2. Women-only sessions so that you feel comfortable talking about the things that you are struggling with amongst friendly, understanding faces
  3. Access to up to 4 sessions every single week – we recommend 2-3 as a good starting point
  4. Private members-only support and accountability forum where you can ask questions and get access to weekly content, workouts + bonus videos giving you all of the resources that you need to get your lifestyle on track
  5. Access to ALL workouts ahead of time and video recorded sessions just in case you miss a gym session and want to complete your session at home
  6. Access to a weekly live coaching ‘check-in’ where I will dig deep with you to figure out where you are getting stuck and how to get from where you are to where you want to be! 
  7. The beginners guide to flexible healthy eating including the exact step by step process, that I personally use to take the stress and mental effort out of planning your week so you can spend more time with your family doing fun stuff instead of endless worrying about whether your food fits your diet
  8. Bonus access to meal plans, yummy recipes and ideas so that you never get bored of your food and you can try out new ideas that are tasty, healthy and satisfy the whole family, no more diets, no more separate eating, family-style eating is back with a bang
  9. Access to a supportive, friendly community where you can ask for help, support and guidance at any time




Meal plans

Monthly meal plans are now built into the programme package so that you are never stuck for what to eat and fresh tasty ideas for you and your family to enjoy!

If you have more questions, get in touch with Nicola ASAP




Benefits of RF Recharge

(these are all real-life examples from ladies who provided feedback on the things that changed in their lives)

  • You will be fitter and stronger so that you can keep up with your kids at the park instead of sitting on the sidelines and wishing that you could join in the fun, you’ll be the fit mom that everyone else envies!
  • You will have more energy and patience so that when bad stuff happens to you, you can handle it better, fewer worries, less anxiety
  • You will be able to enter your favourite clothes shop without worrying about feeling fed up, shopping will be enjoyable again and you will know what size you are without picking up 3 options to try, and feeling rubbish when they don’t fit!
  • You will develop more confidence in how you see your body in the mirror and in your clothes day to day
  • Relationships will improve as your mood, patience and energy increase so that you no longer take out your stresses on your loved ones, and spend more time as a happy healthy family
  • Your joints will be healthier and stronger and less painful giving you the opportunity to do more, play more, experience more and feel healthier and happier!
  • You will have more zest for life as your confidence and health continues to grow and gives you access to opportunities that might not have been there when you felt frustrated, fed up and low
  • You will find it easier to make better decisions in your lifestyle (sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, socially) so that you maintain your weight loss long term, and what’s more, and when you feel better, you want to keep feeling better, you won’t want to let yourself slide back into feeling crap every day!
  • You will be more accountable, to me (Nicola) and the other women on the programme, which gives you that motivation that is lacking when you try to do this alone, whenever you feel stuck, you have a safe space to come and ask for help
  • You will have more knowledge so that you can make the smart choices for your own health and the health of your family and kids giving them the chance to grow into the healthiest, happiest, most confident kids free of body confidence issues and health problems!
  • You will get to try out a bunch of new recipes that the whole family can enjoy, so that you are not having to make 3 different meals each evening to suit the different diets, saving you a bunch of time, energy and washing up!
  • You will understand your body more and learn how to stop comfort eating so that you feel like you are taking care of your body and working towards the best health
  • And much much more



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