Rossell Fitness RECHARGE, Ladies Personal Training Programme

£150.00 / month with a 7-day free trial


If you want an exclusively ladies only, flexible monthly programme to kick you into gear with your weight loss, this is the perfect plan for you! Work with a ladies weight loss specialist with a guarantee that you will lose weight AND keep it off, no more yo-yo diets, no more restriction and no more guilt!

There are 6 training times available each week, it is my recommendation that you make sure that you can attend at least 2 of the weekly sessions.

Training Times:

Monday 1030am

Tuesday 630pm

Wednesday 1030am

Thursday 630pm

Friday 1030am

Sunday 10am

Product Description

Features of RF Recharge

  1. Access to Nicola, a female weight loss specialist with proven results time and time again working with ladies just like you who have been trying to lose weight for years and had little to no success in keeping the weight off for good! It’s time to change that story!
  2. Ladies only sessions so that you feel comfortable around a group of women who are striving to change the same thing as you, there is something very powerful about working out with ladies who are just like you, who understand you!
  3. Access to up to 6 sessions every single week so that you have the chance to attend as many classes as you like and get the best results for your body and your lifestyle, along with my proven kick ass sessions blueprint that saw hard-loser Michelle drop 8lbs in the first 3 weeks and counting!
  4. Private members only support and accountability forum where you can ask questions and get access to weekly content, workouts + bonus videos giving you all of the resources that you need to get your lifestyle on track
  5. Access to ALL workouts ahead of time, so that you can complete the workout even if you cannot attend the session, great for if you are on holiday and want to join in the fun with us!
  6. Access to a weekly live coaching ‘check in’ video where I will dig deep with you to figure out where you are getting stuck and how to get from where you are to where you want to be! To keep you accountable and on track for the results that you want! INCLUDING unstoppable mindset techniques for frustrated dieters who have tried everything1
  7. The beginners guide to flexible eating including the exact step by step process, that I personally use to take the stress and mental effort out of planning your week so you can spend more time with your family doing fun stuff instead of endless worrying about whether your food fits your diet
  8. Bonus access to recipe books and ideas so that you never get bored of your food and you can try out new ideas that are tasty, healthy and satisfy the whole family, no more diets, no more separate eating, family style eating is back with a bang
  9. Access to daily content and information because let’s face it, life gets on top of us and seeing a reminder that you have support, that you can do the small things make a big difference and will keep you on track even on the toughest of days!
  10. Access to a supportive, friendly community where you can ask for help, support and guidance at any time, you are among friends in the group, you are in the same boat and no one will understand your struggles, your jounrey and how much you want to change, like our Accelerate community
  11. 100% money back guarantee available for the first month because it’s intimidating to commit to a training plan, and I want to make it easy for you to do this, I want you to know that I believe in the plan, so I offer this guarantee to show you that I know it works – or your money back!


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Benefits of RF Recharge

(these are all real life examples from ladies who provided feedback on the things that changed in their lives)

  • You will be able to enter your favourite clothes shop without worrying about feeling frumpy and fed up, shopping will be enjoyable again and you will know what size you are without picking up 3 options to try, and feeling crap when they don’t fit!
  • You will feel sexier and more attractive once you are able to show off your new body confidence, giving you that boost to strut your stuff and seduce your man
  • You will be fitter and stronger so that you can keep up with your kids at the park instead of sitting on the sidelines and wishing that you could join in the fun, you’ll be the fit mom that everyone else envies!
  • You will have more energy and patience so that when bad stuff happens to you, you can handle it better, less worries, less anxiety, you will be more solution focussed and less problem focussed, no more wallowing in self pity, you have the power within you!
  • Relationships will improve as your mood, patience and energy increase so that you no longer take out your stresses on your loved ones, and spend more time as a happy healthy family
  • Your joints will be healthier and stronger and less painful giving you the opportunity to do more, play more, experience more and feel healthier and happier!
  • You will have more zest for life as your confidence and health continues to grow and gives you access to opportunities that might not have been there when you felt frustrated, fed up and low
  • You will make better decisions in your lifestyle (sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, socially) so that you maintain your weight loss long term, and what’s more, it will feel easier to make those choices, because when you feel better, you want to keep feeling better, you won’t want to let yourself slide back into feeling crap every day!
  • You will be more accountable, to Nicola and the other ladies on the course, which gives you that motivation that is lacking when you try to do this alone, whenever you feel stuck, you have a safe space to come and ask for help
  • You will have more knowledge so that you can make the smart choices for your own health and the health of your family and kids giving them the change to grow into the healthiest, happiest, most confident kids free of body confidence issues and health problems!
  • You will get to try out a bunch of new recipes that the whole family can enjoy, so that you are not having to make 3 different meals each evening to suit the different diets, saving you a bunch of time, energy and washing up!
  • You will understand your body more and learn how to stop comfort eating so that you feel like you are taking care of your beautiful body and working towards the best health
  • And much much more



Still not sure if this programme is right for you


7 day free trial available when you buy this membership today




Do I need to attend all of the session each week to see the results that you promise?

2-3 sessions per week will get you the type of results that we are aiming for!

Can I join any time?

Yes :-)

Your programme seems too good to be true, is it?

I will assess you as an individual including your lifestyle, your habits and your mindset and we work together to create an action plan that fits into your life so that it does not feel overwhelming when you make the changes.

If you are not ready to change, then my courses will not work for you and I encourage you to wait until you feel ready before you invest your time and money. If you are able to follow the bespoke plan that we create together then you will get the results that you want, whether that is weight loss, maintenance or toning.

My approach is backed by knowledge of science and has been applied to many ladies just like you who wanted to feel healthier happier and confident every day and who were fed up of feeling over weight and frustrated. My courses offer the guarantee because I am 100% confident that should you follow the plan, you will get exactly what you want. That’s my promise.

I suggest that you visit the testimonial page of my website if you are unsure about the sort of results that we get here, you can view videos of clients talking about their progress.

I am going on holiday for a week in the middle of the course, do I get that week back?

Unfortunately not, you pay a monthly fee which does not change when you go on holiday. All of the workouts will be available to you on the day via the facebook group, so you have the opportunity to complete these workouts in your own time if you cannot attend the session.

What if I can’t do some of the exercises in the programme?

Don’t worry, I will ensure that you are exercising in a safe and appropriate manner for your ability level. You will be around a group of ladies who are in the same boat and we all start at the beginning. Any movement that you find restrictive or difficult we will work on together until you master it and have the confidence to do it. These programmes are about learning new skills and improving your coordination and balance as much as they are about weight loss and health.

I don’t have a Facebook account, will I be missing out on anything?

The Facebook community for this programme will be powerful, I will be coaching within the group on a daily basis, so I would strongly recommend that you consider joining Facebook even if just to use the group. However your results are absolutely not dependent on the online community – this is more of a bonus feature. Your results will come from a combination of you completing the training, improving your nutrition and lifestyle habits and working on your mindset.

I am struggling for child care on certain evenings, what can I do?

There is a small area in the gym where children can come and sit whilst you complete the session. I would ask that this is used for emergencies only as the area is a public seating area within the gym and not exclusively available to our classes.

I am concerned about people watching me whilst I train and judging me, is the gym full of people?

Our gym is very quiet and is a place where we encourage exercise and health, we do not tolerate any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour and we are very strict on this point. We have designed our environment to make you feel comfortable and confident during the classes. If you would like to come and visit the gym before you decide about joining the training programme then please get in touch with me to arrange a meeting, you can find us at 4 Mandervell Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5LQ.

How do I get in touch with you if I need your help Nicola?

You can get hold of me by mobile 07983551550 generally between the hours of 9am-5pm, by email but please do give 24 hours for a reply. Or you can find me in the gym if you want to speak in person.

Where is your facility?

You can find us at 4 Mandervell Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5LQ

Do you offer any other services?

Yes I offer deep tissue massage and individual personal training sessions

What are your professional qualifications?

  • 1st class degree in Chemistry and Sports Science
  • Level 3 personal training
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Level 3 sports massage
  • Level 2 triathlon coaching
  • First aid

Will I get the results that I want with your training programmes?

I take your goals very seriously, I will work with you to develop habits and a lifestyle that suits your needs and gets you to the result that you want. For this to work I need you to be honest about what you want, forthcoming about any issues or barriers that you have and most importantly be prepared to work hard to get it. If you are not ready to apply changes to your lifestyle, then my programmes may not be for you.

There is a 100% guarantee attached to the first month of this membership, if you do not get GREAT results after one month and you are unhappy with the level of service you can have a full refund, however after this time, the guarantee expires.