Personal Training Online


What can online PT do for you?

  • Help you to achieve your weight loss goals (and keep the weight off)
  • More energy
  • Better fitness
  • Stronger in body and mindset
  • A powerful feeling of well-being
  • More stability in moods over the month
  • More patience and headspace
  • More consistency and clarity day to day
  • Boost in motivation and inspiration
  • More confidence in your choices and your body

This product is for 1 x 45-55minute online personal training session each week (session time may vary depending on the plan)

This is charged on a monthly basis and will be a recurring direct debit payment for as long as you wish to remain a member (more details at the bottom of the page)


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What do you get?

  1. From 1-3 training sessions each week (price displayed is for 1 session/week)
  2. Access to your coach for support, accountability and guidance as you begin to make some lifestyle changes
  3. Nutrition, sleep, stress and lifestyle assessments with guided next steps for making small tweaks to achieve fast results
  4. A thorough, progressive and fun training plan designed around the changes that you want to see in your body
  5. Monthly meal plans (optional – we will talk about a bespoke approach to your nutrition and take into consideration your family and social life)
  6. Access to Rossell Fitness online member’s area where you can learn, socialise and meet the other people undertaking their journey with Rossell Fitness
  7. Weekly progress check-in for increased accountability and thorough planning for the next week




We have evolved

Online Personal Training has become a truly viable and fantastic option since the lockdown began in the UK. Our members have moved seamlessly online and we use a mixture of Google Meet, Whereby and FaceTime to conduct our video training sessions (we are open to other apps).

We get as many smiles and as much connection as would get in a normal session and there are tonnes of perks…

  • You don’t have to leave your house – it saves on the commute time to the gym (one of our members is tempted to stay online as it is saving her over 3 hours a week in commuting time!)
  • You’re right next to your shower so you can refresh yourself as soon as you finish working out
  • You can squeeze it into your day more easily
  • It can be done almost anywhere (for example if you’re travelling for work – we can adapt the training to suit you)


No equipment, no problem

We can work with you if you have some workout kit at home OR not….our plans are designed around what you have access to and we have come up with some innovative solutions whilst we have been stuck in the COVID lockdown. So whether you have dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a TRX or just you and your body, we can come up with something fun for you to do, to get the results that you want to feel in your body!


FYI Payment

  • The minimum commitment is one month
  • You are not tied into your membership beyond this time
  • Cancellation notice must be given at least 5 days prior to the next payment date for a stop to be put on your payment.
  • A refund can be issued to you if notice is given after this period, however, this may take 5-10 days to get back to you.



  • You will discuss with your coach when you can schedule in your sessions
  • We recommend that you contact before buying this membership to ensure that the two schedules can line up
  • A session can be moved into the next week but will expire if you cannot fit it in within one extra week of the original booking
  • Notice of 48 hours must be given for session time change requests whenever possible
  • Session cancellations for illness, injury or emergency are valid and ONE grace session will be granted within a 6 month period