Rossell Fitness Online Membership (Annual)

£45.00 / year


  • Ladies who feel frustrated that diets are no longer working
  • Ladies who have tried to ‘go it alone’ with little to no success
  • Ladies who want to prioritise their health, happiness and confidence
  • Ladies who want to lose weight for good, without having to give up the food they love
  • Ladies who feel confused about what advice to follow
  • Ladies who want to work with a female weight loss specialist
  • Ladies who thrive in a supportive, friendly community

Product Description

Features of Rossell Fitness Online Membership

  1. Access to a female weight loss specialist on a daily basis
  2. Access to a supportive, friendly community where you can ask for help, support and guidance at any time so that you feel comfortable and cared for amongst others in the same boat as you
  3. Private members only support and accountability forum where you can ask questions and get access to weekly content, recipes and simple to use workouts
  4. Access to a weekly live coaching video to keep you accountable and on track and give you the tools that you can to apply in all areas of life to feel healthier, happier and more confident
  5. Access to daily content and information giving you little bits to apply directly to your life for big results
  6. Access to ALL back issue content including ALL past coaching videos that have been embedded for permanent use and benefit
  7. Bonus access to recipe books, shopping lists and ideas so that you never get bored of your food
  8. 100% money back guarantee applicable during the first month of your membership, if the community is not what you expected, or you are not happy with the service, you have have your money back!

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Benefits of Rossell Fitness Online Membership

If you apply the content and guidance that you are given in the group you could experience a range of the following benefits:

  • Your confidence will shoot through the roof when you start feeling healthier, happier and slimmer
  • You will be able to enter a clothes shop without worrying about feeling frumpy and fed up, shopping will be enjoyable again
  • You will feel sexier and more attractive once you are able to show off your new body confidence
  • You could be fitter and stronger so that you can keep up with your kids instead of sitting on the sidelines
  • You can have more energy so that you are more able to cope with the stresses of every day life
  • Relationships can improve as your mood, patience and energy increase so that you no longer take out your stresses on your loved ones, and spend more time as a happy healthy family
  • Your joints could be healthier and stronger so that you experience less pain and injury which means you will not have to stop working out jeopardising your progress
  • You can have more zest for life as your confidence and health continues to grow and gives you access to opportunities that might not have been there when you felt frustrated, fed up and low
  • You can make better decisions in your lifestyle (sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, socially) so that you maintain your weight loss and health long term
  • You will be more accountable, to me and the other ladies in the community, which gives you that motivation that is lacking when you try to do this alone
  • You will have more knowledge so that you can make the smart choices for your own health and the health of your family and kids
  • You will get to try out a bunch of new recipes that the whole family can enjoy, so that you are not having to make 3 different meals each evening to suit the different diets and palates 
  • And much much more