Rossell Fitness Online Membership (Annual)

£45.00 / year


  • Ladies who feel frustrated that diets are no longer working
  • Ladies who have tried to ‘go it alone’ with little to no success
  • Ladies who want to prioritise their health, happiness and confidence
  • Ladies who want to lose weight for good, without having to give up the food they love
  • Ladies who feel confused about what advice to follow
  • Ladies who want to work with a female weight loss specialist
  • Ladies who thrive in a supportive, friendly community

Product Description

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Rossell Fitness Online Membership

What do you get?

ACCOUNTABILITY – having a group of supportive, driven ladies who are all in the same boat, and understand your struggles and frustrations IN ADDITION TO a womens weight loss specialist is what makes this community powerful and keeps you on track and accountable

WORKOUTS – we don’t always have time to hit the gym, and we don’t always have 60mins to spare at home, so why not choose one of our many workout blasts where we do an effective but efficient workout in 15mins or less so that you can get the weight loss results that you want, without the time worries that often go hand in hand with workouts!

WALKING CLUB – a new addition in 2018, so that we can get out into the beautiful local areas and build up fitness, health and wellbeing, whilst chatting and building fitness friendships (so that you don’t even realise you are doing exercise!).

LIVE Q+A – every week we jump online and get together to do the Q+A, so that we connect regularly and keep accountable.. and so that I can understand where you are struggling and give you strategies and ideas to try out in your life

A SAFE SPACE – you will be among fitness friends who want to help, support and nurture you, they will understand what you find hard, what your frustrations are and why you are here to change, because they have been there too. We all work together so that there is always somewhere for you to feel safe and understood!

WE LOVE FOOD – so we share our favourite meals, our winning recipes, our dinner disasters because we are all doing our best to be healthier and find ways to merge a healthy nutritious life with the social life of eating out and parties that we don’t want to give up!

FEELING FRUSTRATED? – our private forum is a truly safe space for you to have a rant, or simply share your thoughts on health, fitness and family lifestyle change. Making changes is tough, so we have the members area SO THAT you can feel like you have somewhere to go, when you need a time out from the rigmorale of life!