8-week Accountability Membership


What results do we get in our 8-week accountability challenges?

  • Sophie lost 1 stone
  • Jenny went down a dress size
  • Kath fit into her favourite jeans again
  • Penelope ran 5km for the first time in 20 years
  • Parvati increased her daily steps from 4000 to 10’000
  • Leanne feels more energetic in the morning and doesn’t slump at 3pm any more
  • Tina managed to run around with her kids at the park for 30mins instead of sitting on the bench watching
  • Muriel found the confidence to enter a charity challenge
  • Bonnie found exercise fun for the first time in her life
  • Lisa now sleeps through the night and feels much better for it
  • Pauline has done a guided meditation every day for 90 days and feels calmer, and freer than she has in years
  • Bharti no longer gets joint pains in her knees
  • Julie has the strength and stamina to keep up with her grandson who used to run rings around her

These women worked hard to reach these milestones and they have a lot to be proud of!

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What do we do in the accountability challenge?

  • We post our plan every morning and check-in briefly with our online team
  • We post our daily accountability check-in every evening and log how much of the plan we were able to implement
  • We take credit for our hard work
  • We are not hard on ourselves if the plan did not go to plan (this is normal)
  • We reset our minds
  • We make a new plan and we keep trying

You will only ever be asked to do your best on any given day – sometimes that means just getting out of bed …. each day is different and we measure ourselves only against what WE want to achieve, and against what was actually possible.

You will find a helpful, lovely, kind and caring group in the challenge. All of the people in the group are trying to achieve something, and they will all experience ups and downs, even you, and even me (your coach). We’re only human, but we keep plugging away at it because health, happiness and confidence are important to us!


Other features


* Movement Monday where we look at tips for inserting movement into your day without too much fuss!

*Tuesday mindset focus where we look at techniques and ideas for strengthening your mental well-being

* Workout Wednesday is the day a new workout gets released into the group for those who want to increase their strength and fitness

* Foodie Friday is the day we share our favourite recipes and create a collection of new things to try each week

* Member hub on the Rossell Fitness Website where you can download free workout plans, goal-setting guidance, nutrition files and access to helpful content geared toward your success in the group

* Weekend movement challenges are uploaded each week to encourage an increase in healthy movement over the weekend

* Sunday check-in is provided to give you a chance to track your wins for the week, to rant and rave if you need an outlet, or to ask for help. Your check-in is your weekly summary and asks some thought-provoking questions about how you are assessing your week, and how you are going to make next week a rock-star week!