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Learn how to change your lifestyle habits for good without sacrifice, without dieting and without wasting your time, energy and money on things that you hate doing (gyms/diets)

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Is this the year that you are going to fulfil those resolutions?


I know how it feels on JAN 1st….waking up to the reality of another blow out festive period and another hastily and guiltily written list of resolutions that you WILL complete.

This year is MY year, you tell yourself!

But in your heart of hearts you know yourself, and you know that you won’t make it.

Those dreams of feeling confident in your swimsuit this summer, are just that; dreams!

You know that your confidence is at rock bottom and no amount of trying to accept your body and yourself with mindless repetitive affirmations in the mirror are going to help.

The gym and getting FIT….well that’s just another monthly expense that you ignore until the contract runs out in 6 months (or heck, maybe 12 months if you were talked into it!)

This is why I want to encourage you to go down a different route with me this January

(before you waste money on a gym or diet membership that you get stuck with for 12 months!)

I’ve recorded a video series about HABIT CHANGE

This will be a much lower cost option than your gym membership


You can gym and workout until you’re RED in the face

You can diet and cut out carbs until you are absolutely desperate for a slice of buttery toast (mmmmmm)

But these are only short term solutions (if solutions at all?)

Have you ever had success doing things the conventional way?

There is an easy way to work out the answer to that question….

Do you have the results that you want right now?


Aisha changed her habits and she no longer feels stuck!

Habit Change Video Series

This video series will help you to understand

  • Why change is so hard (and why we fail our resolutions every blimmin year!)

  • Why your motivation seems to disappear no matter how good your intentions are

  • How to stop falling off the wagon in your efforts to lose weight and how to stop the yo-yo dieting and yo-yo weight gain and loss.

  • How to have your cake and eat it too (we don’t encourage giving up the food that you love and eating out because life is too short!)

  • How to stop going around in circles and actually take back the control of your weight loss, confidence and health so that you can put your time and energy into living and enjoying the rest of your life!



Vimi adopted the mindset changes that I suggested and she mastered it to change her reality!


The Results

  • More ENERGY
  • More CONFIDENCE in your body and your actions
  • More stability in your MOODS
  • More consistency in your MOTIVATION
  • A better¬†understanding of how your mindset affects your choices (and your results)
  • Your clothes will fit better
  • FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY in your food choices
  • CONFIDENCE in your food and lifestyle choices
  • You will be the envy of your friends (who won’t ever quit their diets despite never losing weight)


Catherine Hall

Cath did it and she took back the control of her health, her confidence and her weight loss!



  1. VIP access to the Rossell Fitness Members Support Area
  2. Workouts for at home (if you dislike gyms or just don’t have time to get to one!)

  3. Walking accountability counter and check-in so that you can boost your steps, your fitness and your health

  4. Recipes for weight loss so that you can try out healthy AND tasty food!

  5. Mindset training/techniques for long term habit change

  6. Confidence building techniques (that don’t suck!)


Download the programme today for 6 weeks of structured and relevant content that you can apply easily to your lifestyle for better results this year and beyond!