10 Week Transformation Summer Course



Start date: 26th June 2017 – 3rd September 2017

Transform your body over 10 weeks of training and nutrition coaching where you will discover the secrets of how to drop inches and keep the weight off for good this time! No more diets and no more fads! Lose weight and tone up whilst having fun, and still eating the things that you love! Yes, this is possible!

Training Times

Tuesday 630-730pm

Thursday 630-730pm

Sunday 10-11am

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Product Description

Beautiful Body Transformation Course

100% money back guarantee if the programme does not deliver exactly what I said it would!

‘So what do your courses offer me Nicola?’

Since you ask, I’ll tell you

Confidence, we work on your body confidence, your confidence when it comes to making choices in food, exercise, lifestyle including how to plan for parties and events and barbeques SO THAT you no longer feel that confusion, those mixed feelings about attending an event whilst you are on a diet. You will gain the confidence to be able to rock any event, without guilt, without shame and without worry marring what should be a great social occasion!

Energy, I will teach you how to protect your energy SO THAT you have enough in the tank to do all of the things that you want to do. If you feel like you are constantly chasing your tail, like you are in need of a good solid night’s sleep, this is not serving your weight loss. In fact, its hindering your efforts. When you are tired, you make worse choices, it’s just a fact! You will order take out, skip the gym, drive instead of walk… you see? When you know how to protect your energy, you will find it easy to do all of the healthy habits that you know add up to losing weight!

Mood, have you been snapping recently, at your husband or kids. Have you been shorter on temper and allowing your moods to take over your life? When we work on happiness AND confidence AND protect your energy you will find those mood swings become less prevalent, less controlling SO THAT you can focus on making the best choices and stop taking your feelings out on the people that you love the most!

Sexy summer body. This programme will be focussed around helping you to develop your sexy summer body, by focusing on your health, happiness and confidence SO THAT you don’t end up hiding your body under baggy clothes, SO THAT you feel confident to strip off on the beach instead of keeping your t-shirt on!

Fitness. Over the weeks your fitness will fly and you will be in a position where the kids are askig you to slow down, instead of the other way around! Do you want to be the mum on the bench, or the mum running, skipping, jumping and playing with the kids? I’ll help you to accelerate your fitness SO THAT you get the best results in the shortest time possible and you can start being SUPER FIT MUM!

Your own fat loss formula. I will help you to develop your own fat loss formula SO THAT you can use it forever and never go back to feeling unfit, unhealthy, and unhappy! Build your formula with me and you can take it away with you to use for the rest of your life, feeling healthy, happy and confident!

Weight loss. When you get the fat loss formula right you will lose weight! And if you don’t…if you are not able to lose weight using my methods…you can have your money back! I know that this process works, I have used these methods on hundreds of local women over the last 5 years! Don’t spend another summer regretting your choices, feeling ashamed of your body and feeling like you will never change. Get the weight loss that you have been wanting and don’t look back!

I am offering you the chance to change something right now

It’s never too late

It’s never too hard (that’s just your worries about the times you have tried this before)

This time is different: you have ME

There is just YOU and your choice, do you want to stay the same, or do you want to do something about this and CHANGE your reality!

Don’t stand in the way of making great progress and getting great results with me this summer!

Take a step forward with me today and you will not look back!

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Join us as we tackle health, happiness, confidence and weight loss TOGETHER!

What do you get?

  • Access to three group personal training sessions where you will be coached by an expert in female fat loss on a programme that has been tried and tested and proven on ladies just like you who were frustrated with gaining weight and didn’t know where to turn!
  • Bespoke fitness plan giving you the tools to sculpt your body and get the body that you deserve knowing that it’s been designed specifically for you and your goals
  • Weekly nutrition AND MINDSET coaching with simple tasks to complete to get you into the shape of your life, without sacrificing cake, chocolate or wine!
  • Check in via my exclusive forum where you will find support, guidance and the accountability that you are sorely missing right now!
  • Daily access to me via the private forum with exclusive content and daily tips and  so that you feel part of a supportive community and you won’t quit like the last time you tried to lose weight
  • Weekly accountability check in via on-line questionnaire so that you can set goals and highlight any areas that need some extra work allowing us to cover all bases and make sure that your lifestyle is helping you to achieve the body that you want!
  • Weekly MINDSET AND LIFESTYLE coaching so that you can stop stopping, stop procrastinating and stop feeling fearful and anxious about what changing your life might feel like….and start getting the weight loss that you really want.
  • BONUS access to live workouts every single week giving you the chance to workout with me and accelerate your weight loss results!


Do I need to attend all of the session each week to see the results that you promise?

No you don’t, the more that you can attend the better because you get face to face contact with Coach Nicola and the opportunity to have technique corrected and to ask questions, however it is unrealistic to expect 100% attendance when we consider weekends away, working late and family commitments. Therefore I ask that you try your best to attend when you can. Your results will not be affected whilst your attendance remains above 80%.

Can I join once the course has begun?

Unfortunately due to the short nature of the course, once the doors are closed I cannot accept late entries. If you do wish to join the course please ensure you claim your space in good time to avoid disappointment

What if I can’t do some of the exercises in the programme?

Don’t worry, I will ensure that you work at the right tempo for your ability. You will be around a group of ladies who are in the same boat and we all start at the beginning and progress individually. Any movement that you find restrictive or difficult we will work on together until you master it and have the confidence to do it. These programmes are about learning new skills and improving your coordination and balance as much as they are about weight loss and health.

I don’t have a smart phone, is there any other way to do the food diary?

Yes there is, if this applies to you and you prefer to keep a written diary please email me at with the subject line ‘food diary’ and I will send you a template so that you can complete the food diary.

I am struggling for child care on certain evenings, what can I do?

There is a small area in the gym where children can come and sit whilst you complete the session. I would ask that this is used for emergencies only as the area is a public seating area within the gym and not exclusively available to our classes.

Your courses seem too good to be true? Are they?

I assess you as an individual including your lifestyle, your habits and your mindset and we work together to create an action plan that fits into your life so that it does not feel overwhelming when you make the changes. If you are not ready to change, then my courses will not work for you and I encourage you to wait until you feel ready before you invest your time and money. If you are able to follow the bespoke plan that we create together then you will get the results that you want, whether that is weight loss, maintenance or toning. My approach is backed by knowledge of science and application on many ladies just like you who wanted to feel healthier happier and more confident every day and who were fed up of feeling over weight and frustrated. My courses offer the guarantee because I am 100% confident that should you follow the plan, you will get exactly what you want. That’s my promise.

I am concerned about people watching me whilst I train and judging me, is the gym full of people?

Our gym is very quiet and is a place where we encourage exercise and health, we do not tolerate any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour and we are very strict on this point. We have designed our environment to make you feel comfortable and confident during the classes. If you would like to come and visit the gym before you decide about joining the training programme then please pop in between 11-3 or 5-9pm, you can find us at 4 Mandervell Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5LQ. Alternatively arrange an appointment with me by emailing me.

How do I get in touch with you if I need your help Nicola?

You can get hold of me by mobile 07983551550 between the hours of 8am-9pm, by email Or you can find me in the gym if you want to speak in person.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes I am a qualified sports masseuse and you can book appointments by sending me a text or an email.

What are your professional qualifications?

  • 1st class degree in Chemistry and Sports Science
  • Level 3 personal training
  • Level 3 sports massage
  • Level 2 triathlon coaching
  • Suspension Fitness Coaching
  • Circuit Coaching
  • Run Coaching
  • First aid

Will I get the results that I want with your training programmes?

I take your goals very seriously, I will work with you to design a programme that suits your needs and gets you to the result that you want. For this to work I need you to be honest about what you want, forthcoming about any issues or barriers that you have and most importantly be prepared to work hard to get it. If you are not ready to apply changes to your lifestyle, then my programmes may not be for you. I apply a 100% guarantee to all of my services because I know that my products work. If you are committed and dedicated to getting the body that you deserve, then you will get it, that is my promise!