Why can’t I quit my ‘bad’ habits?

Why do we procrastinate on making a positive change?
Why can’t we give up the bad habits?
Why do we still behave ‘badly’ despite KNOWING what we need to do, to get what we want to see (better energy, more confidence, better health, weight loss…?)
There is a tonne of stuff going on around us in the world
I try and avoid the news, and the papers and I stay away from social media as much as possible – BUT I still feel the drain of the negative news stories that leave me feeling a bit deflated
The world is feeling a bit scary and uncertain at the moment
The world is moving so fast and it can feel like a struggle to stay afloat
It can give us the sensation that we are losing our feet from under us
When this happens, when we feel this overwhelm we tend to revert back to default habits

Our habits ground us (they are our comfort zone) …….but they also keep us stuck if they are not conducive to what we want (health happiness energy)

If our natural habits are to procrastinate, avoid, watch Netflix on binge, eat, drink, smoke …. SEDATE …..
Then our natural outcomes are going to be things that we perhaps don’t REALLY want
If you relate to this, you are NOT alone!
BUT being in good company does not mean that you have to stay STUCK
You can take back the control over your situation and the things that you want
You simply have to follow a process
RECOGNISE what you are feeling – overwhelm can feel different to each of us
ALLOW yourself to feel it – but choose to take positive action instead of wallowing and SEDATING it and trying to ignore it
REINFORCE the good behaviour (going for a walk to clear your head, talking to a friend or therapist, doing some exercise, taking some time out to meditate or just breathe and think of the things that you are GRATEFUL for)
And know that after a passage of time (I can’t tell you how long, it will be different for us all)
You will begin to feel better
You will begin to see where you are using negative COPING methods
And you will be able to CHOOSE a different path
The first step though, is admitting that you are struggling and getting to know yourself SO THAT you can take the next steps too :-)
Talk to me about this if you feel like you want to understand it better…
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I hope that you can begin the process of figuring this all out
All the best