Pride and accomplishment

When was the last time that you felt proud of yourself?

I want to know because it’s such a powerful feeling….

Pride in something that you’ve done….

Pride in actions that you’ve taken to get something that you want…?

I taught my friend to play the guitar this week

Just the basics

(I’m no Jimi Hendrix)

She was so proud of herself for being able to play half a song by the end of the evening

It was really lovely to see it

….And she went home feeling elated

…And has played the guitar every day since!

Because that feeling of pride and JOY is STRONG and POWERFUL


So let’s extrapolate that and relate it to health and fitness…

If you could find a way to feel pride in your choices every day

If you could find a way to work out that made you feel elated

If you could find a means of making great healthy lifestyle choices with confidence

Then you have a recipe for success in your weight loss


Our ladies report this to me

They report a sense of accomplishment

They look forward to training because every day is different

They no longer dread exercise because they’ve discovered that it doesn’t have to be boring, or horribly hard

They find JOY in working out now

They find PRIDE in what they can achieve (even after just a few sessions)

And they leave the gym feeling elated and ready to tackle the challenges that they might face


And we value your PRIDE, your ACHIEVEMENTS, your COMMITMENT….and….


If you want to know more

And you want to talk about the choices that you are making

And how some simple changes could make a huge impact on your pride, energy and confidence (not to mention your weight loss)

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