Powerful lessons from a 4 year old

I spent some time with my beautiful little cousin over xmas

She is 4 and she is simply gorgeous

Kids are so sweet at that age

They don’t have any hang ups about their bodies

She still believes she is a beautiful princess because no one has told her that she isn’t

And I hope no one ever does!

At some point in her life someone will make her feel inadequate

If you have a daughter…

You are her first role model

Think on that for a minute….. (really pause and think because this is important!)

Every time that she see’s you miss dinner with the family

Just to snack whilst cooking; she is learning


Every time she sees you sedate your feelings with wine or chocolate

Every time that she watches you pinch your fat in the mirror

Every time she sees you despairing over the scales

She is learning

She is learning that she is not good enough either

She thinks that you are perfect

She thinks that you are beautiful

Everything that you do to your own body

She learns

Every diet that you go on

Every low calorie milkshake that you drink instead of eating real food

Every time you hate yourself

She learns that from you

Do you want her to feel the way that you feel?

I have an alternative for you

I can teach you how to love your body

So that when you look in the mirror you adore what you see


I can teach you how to feel healthy and happy and confident …. Every single day

So that you no longer despise yourself

So that you feel gorgeous in your clothes

So that clothes shopping becomes fun again!!!!

Every day I love myself more

Because I love the reality of me

It’s not an ego thing

You simply can’t argue with reality of what is….

It’s a giant waste of energy

But you can make better choices for self improvement

Choices that will change your body and mindset

Changes that will help to teach your daughter that she is enough

That she is beautiful

Just like her mum

If you don’t want your daughter to EVER feel the way you feel about your body

Start learning how to change how YOU feel

Invest your time and energy into a programme that will teach you how to be healthy, happy and confident

Weight loss comes as a product of those things

Just see for yourself


Nicola Rossell

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