The Pied Piper of the sheep

I was out walking in the hills of Tilton the other day

It was one of our planned group walks that we include with our memberships

I think walking is a great way to get fitter and stronger

And to help with your weight loss….of course!

So each week I organise a walk that any of my members can attend

We vary the walks each week….

So that as many members as possible get the chance to participate

It’s been a really great addition to our members’ programmes

And it gives us all the chance to bond and get to know each other better…

And ask more questions about HOW to get better weight loss results of course!

This week we had almost completed the walk when we came across a field of sheep

Usually sheep are quite docile, right?

In my experience they tend toward looking a little disdainful

But generally are unbothered by humans passing through

Not these sheep

They obviously smelled the remnants of our pancake breakfast ….

And decided they wanted a bit of the action

We got charged by a herd of 40 sheep…

It was pretty scary actually (I’m a big wuss!)

But once they determined we didn’t really have much in the way of sheep snacks

They calmed down!

And once my stomach came back out of my throat….

We got this #sheepselfie

We are now known as the ‘sheep whisperers of Tilton’

Or the ‘pied pipers of the sheep’

Either way…our walks are always fun and interesting

And don’t always include herds of sheep….!

If you want to know more

If you have been looking for something like this

Where you can get

Then look at subscribing to our online members area

The first month is just £1…..

And I promise, we’ll keep the sheep whispering to a minimum ;-)