Pet peeves

My personal trainer PET PEEVES



Just because someone has a rocking body and looks amazing in a bikini does not mean that they know what they are talking about when it comes to weight loss (especially HEALTHY weight loss)

Nor does it mean that the programme and lifestyle that they have is the right one for you.

In fact, it’s more likely that what they are doing will be wrong for you because most celebs have a PT on retainer.

Think about it….

They might even have a personal chef and entourage including a nanny, masseuse and someone who organises their day for them

Normal people (like you and I) don’t have that.

We have to plan our own shopping list and then prepare and cook the food.

We have to do the school runs or take care of family.

You might not have time to work every day or get a massage every week.

Everyone’s lifestyle is totally different with different commitments and obligations.

Trying to fit your schedule around an inflexible training programme hardly ever works.

And usually leave you feeling like YOU FAILED.

If you can’t stick to a plan it’s probably because the plan hasn’t been made to suit you.

It probably doesn’t take into consideration your barriers and things that you can’t change.

A bespoke approach is ALWAYS best.

Working out what is possible and accepting the limitations that your life entails.

Accepting reality is the only way to really move forwards on this.

It’s totally ok to concede that you can’t stick to a plan.

I would encourage you not to blame yourself and simply look for ways to include things in your lifestyle that DO work for you.

Always ask yourself the question ‘is this actually possible’ and if you give yourself a true and honest answer you will be able to develop systems and habits that really are sustainable.

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