I am only human after all

There is nothing quite like hearing people say nice things about you

I am only human after all (despite what you might think about personal trainers)

And its lovely to receive good feedback and to know that I am doing right by the ladies that I work with

I genuinely did get into this PT game to help ladies to change

Having been through tough times myself

I could see people getting bigger, sicker and being unable to help themselves

So, I started working to change this!

It is my goal to help and inspire women to take charge of their health, their happiness and their confidence

To discover that they can love exercise, that they can eat tasty food


Here is what Anjum has to say about me

‘I have been training with Nicola for about 2 months now. I feel stronger physically and mentally and the results I have achieved are incredible! The help, motivation and support provided is exceptional! Nicola is an excellent, skilled, thoughtful coach. She works with the individual as a whole – physically, mentally and emotionally. The atmosphere in the gym is great and it is well equipped. I would recommend Nicola without any reservation!’

I have to agree with Anjum

Her results have been incredible

She is seeing fab things in all of her measurements

But it is her willingness to try out new ideas

And to work on her mindset in her own time that are making the difference

Because it meant something to her…

And we have been working on this week by week

A little bit here

A little bit there

And before she could blink

She was feeling better

And when you feel better, it has a knock-on effect like dominoes!

It gets easier to make the best choices

Anjum would be the first to tell you that it hasn’t been easy

No one is denying this

If it were easy

You would already be where you want to be, right?

But first things first

Just make one step towards doing something

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Nicola ‘blushing’ Rossell


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