‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’

A big problem in weight loss is our propensity to binge eat

I’m not necessarily talking about B.E.D here (binge eating disorder)

I’m talking about the inability to be satisfied with a little of something tasty

More often than not I hear women saying that its easier to just finish the bag or the packet, than it is to have one piece of chocolate and leave the rest for another day

I hear ya sister!

I’m going to explain to you, why we find this so hard and help you to start the process of moving past this damaging and health threatening habit!

We have to consider the fact that most food nowadays (that comes out of packets or wrappers) will have been engineered to taste SO GOOD that you don’t want to stop eating it

There is a reason that the well known popular crisp brand’s saying is an inconvenient truth ‘ONCE YOU POP YOU CAN’T STOP’

However, setting that aside, we need to recognise that the most likely cause for our inability to STOP stuffing our faces is that IN THE MOMENT…..we don’t want to stop because it makes us feel good!

In a world where we are surrounded by terrible and sad news stories from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed

In this world we also spend a GINORMOUS amount of time on social media, doing major damage to our motivation and confidence

In our lifestyles we are on the go ALL day, chasing our tails and running around being productive but never FEELING like we are getting anything done….

In this world, we don’t feel good at the end of the day! (tell me if I’m wrong here!)

We feel exhausted, depleted and drained of energy (and let’s face it, probably feeling a little deprived if you’re following a diet plan)

So when we are faced with a packet or a tube, or a bag of something that we know will give us an instant sugary hit of happiness (however false that happiness might be).….we are strongly inclined to do it…even against our logic and better judgement!

This is not true happiness, and it certainly isn’t healthy….

In fact, if you are trying to lose weight, it’s probably one of the worst things that you could be doing for your body!

But knowing about this, isn’t going to help you to STOP doing it

So I’m offering a health consult and action plan to anyone who replies to this email with their story and struggles with binge eating or over eating

Please know that I have personal experience with this, so I will understand your position and how hard it is to admit that you need some help

Your story will be between you and I

I just want to help you to make a start on turning things around!



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