Are you an all or nothing kind of person?

Are you an all or nothing kind of person?

I love a good TV series

At the moment we’re really into The Originals

Have you heard of it?

It’s about vampires, werewolves and witches

And it’s pretty gruesome with some great character development thrown in too!

Anyhow, Elliot and I probably watch 1-2 of an evening sometimes

We’ve been waiting for the new season to come out on Netflix for a while

And when it did – we were super excited

One rainy Saturday we figured we’d bunker down and binge watch a few episodes

We logged onto Elliot’s Netflix and it skipped right to episode 16….

Confused face…

I turned to see a very guilty looking Elliot trying to pretend he had no idea about why this would have happened

We normally watch it on my Netflix…..

Understanding slowly percolated my consciousness

He’s been watching the new series in secret

Not only that, he’d binge watched 16 episodes without me!!!


Elliot has a very all or nothing personality

He’s either in or out, with not much in-between

I meet A LOT of ladies like this too

Ladies who have been on loads of diets

Where they can either be 100% committed to the rules of the diet

Or they fall of the diet wagon and end up binge eating the fridge!

This is the problem that I see with diets in general

It’s all about the black and white strict rules!



At ROSSELL FITNESS we don’t have fixed rules

We have a set of guidelines that lay a foundation of good healthy practise

Which we build upon for each individual!

We get great results with this! ->

With the ladies reporting that they feel healthier, happier and more confident each day!

My free ladies only event in September is your chance to find out more about this approach

Learning and education

If you are scared or worried —- I understand

I know it’s easier to live by a set of rules

A code of sorts

But what happens when that code stops working for you

Or your circumstances change?

I can teach you how to ADAPT so that you’ll never be cheating or feel guilty again!

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