It’s not my job to count your squats

It’s not my job to count your squats

What is your perception of a personal trainer?

Have you ever seen those memes where it’s got 6 interpretations of what a personal trainer is like?

I.e. what your friends think it’s like

What your mum thinks it’s like

What your work colleagues think it is like

Everyone has a different idea of what having a PT would actually be like

(and often they are quite far off the mark!)

But the only thing that really matters….

Is your experience

And whether you are seeing the results that you want to see

My ladies often laugh at me a little because I am notoriously bad at counting their reps

Our conversations go a little like this

Client: ‘how many more of these do I have to do’

Me: ‘4’

Client: ‘really??? Did you just make that up?’

Me: ‘….yes, but if you’re able to talk to me right now you can probably do MORE!’

We have a bit of a laugh but it raises a real point about what you might expect PT with ME to be like

I am bad at counting

And I don’t always stick to the plan

But that is ultimately for YOUR benefit because I know what YOU NEED better than you do sometimes!

For example …yesterday morning

One of my ladies came in looking a little low energy, a bit down and out, low mood and I was just getting a vibe from her that raised a red flag for me!

So, we sat down

And we talked

And before we knew it…50 minutes had passed

So, we finished off with some yoga and some breathing exercises….

And she left the session feeling 100% better about her choices, her life and knowing what she needed to do!

A true personal trainer, will be able to recognise what YOU NEED on the day!

That morning, she did not need a tough session

She needed to work on her mindset, and work out what her plan was

To feel cherished and nourished and taken care of!

Another of my lovely ladies emailed me trying to schedule in a late night session

Following a full on day, after which she admitted to me that she felt exhausted

I told her in no uncertain terms that I was sending her to bed early!

She emailed back telling me what a relief it was, and that I was right, she did just need to sleep instead of pushing her body over the edge!

I know my ladies REALLY WELL

I know their needs

I know their struggles

I know what gets in their way

I know that they will try to push TOO HARD when they really need to sleep, and relax!

And I know WHEN to adapt the plan to work around these things

So, I may not be the trainer who can count to 10, over and over again

But I KNOW you

And I know my ladies

And I know HOW to help them, and you, if you want to get the results in your lifestyle!

Weight loss is not about how hard you can push yourself

It is about taking care of your body, your mind and your soul

So that when the going gets tough

When life is giving you lemons

You can truly know how to turn it to lemonade

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