No one is coming to save you


Captain America

Wonder woman

These are all modern super heroes

And I love a good super hero movie

I love the quippiness of Ironman

I love the geekiness of captain America

And the power and confidence of Wonder Woman…

But the mistake I made with admiring these super heroes

Was waiting for one to come and save me

When I was unhappy

When I was stuck

When I was frustrated

When I was fed up of my circumstances

I didn’t recognise that I had any power

I was flailing around, doing my best

But ultimately, I was just waiting for someone to come along and save me

That’s what we are taught as kids I suppose

We are taught that someone else will take care of it for us…

The problem is, that one day we wake up as fully-grown adults

And realise that we don’t know how to do stuff

We don’t know how to take responsibility

How to take control

And in this day and age, the most common thing that we are struggling with is….

Any guesses???

Our weight…..and as a result ….our health and happiness suffers

Enjoying super heroes from afar is something I still like to do

But now, I choose to take responsibility for my




And become my own veritable ‘super hero’

Because it means something to me

When I feel healthy

When I am happy

I am able to control my lifestyle choices

And I am able to control my weight and body!

No one came to save me

No one did it for me

I had to work hard to get to this point

And I still work hard on this every single day

If you want to change things

If you want to take responsibility

And take the control back over your body

You need to let go of this idea that someone is coming to save you

That only happens in the movies

And this life, ain’t no movie scene

Its reality

Take responsibility today ->

Take control today ->

Nicola ‘super through and through’ Rossell