Nicola Askins thinks you should give it a try

Your greatest fear about health, fitness and weight loss is that YOU won’t get there
That you won’t achieve what you want
So I’m going to show you EVERY DAY this week that this is a story that you are telling yourself
If you REALLY WANT IT, you can GET IT
Let’s see example #1
Nicola Askins began training with me 2 months ago
In that time she has dropped 5kg, inches from all of those pesky places and she has built her confidence and happiness to levels she couldn’t even have predicted!
Here is her story in her own words:
Before I began working with Nicola I felt totally fed up knowing that I should be exercising but not wanting to nor having the energy to do it. I was envious of those around me who were enjoying exercising and losing weight and frustrated because I knew what I was doing to my body. I just wanted things to change, that’s when I came across Nic on Facebook!
I am delighted to say I have enjoyed being at the gym and using Nicola’s online workouts at home too, not only do they fit easily into my busy schedule but I also have bags more energy since I started working out!
I’ve also really enjoyed getting back to making fresh recipes which has not only helped my weight loss progress but has significantly improved my moods and energy too.
My family know I am making time for myself and not to disturb me when exercising! Before I began this, I was worried that they would struggle without me for those periods where I was training or out walking but they know I am putting myself first on some occasions and they like this version of me better, because I am much happier with myself, which means I am much nicer to be around.
I plan to keep eating healthier because it makes my body and my mind feel good, I like feeling clear and I love having the energy to do what I want and not collapse in a heap on the couch of an evening and I want to keep exercising, no matter how little now that I have found something that I actually enjoy! Who know THAT would be lifting weights!
One of the biggest things is that I listen to my body more now. If I am tired I go to bed earlier even if there are things that I should get done they can wait until my energy is back to 100%
If you’re thinking about Nicola’s programme or personal training, I’d say go on do it. It’s not all about physical exercising and food, it’s also about your mindset. Nicola has helped me see things in a better way.  She has helped me to change things like ‘Don’t punish yourself if you go wrong’. And don’t think you have to spend hours and hours in one go at the gym to see a difference. After Half an hour training with Nicola you certainly know you have worked hard and I’ve had wonderful results from this!
I know that I won’t get everything PERFECT in the future but I know how to fix it now, and I’ve stopped striving for perfect, which was causing me to feel like a failure before, I now strive for being the best version of myself – I’ve realised that I am actually pretty great!
If you want RESULTS like Nicola…..
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Nicola Askins