New Year Angst

We are getting dangerously close to January now

The time of year where collectively we are forced to face our reality

I can’t count the number of conversations that I’ve had with people who are DESPERATE to change things

They tell me that 2018 will be their year (they’ve said this every year since they start making resolutions)

And they lay down IMMENSE plans to take on MEGA goals and achieve more than they ever have before

That’s the intention at least

And we Brits are FULL of great intentions (and great expectations)

However when it comes to actually GETTING RESULTS

We don’t have the greatest record

In fact as the years go by, despite the claims that THIS year will be the year that we get FIT, get HEALTHY, lose weight and slim down…..

We are fatter and sicker than ever before, with less energy and less confidence

So I think its safe to say that we are not succeeding nor fulfilling our resolutions

Do you want to know the difference between someone who desires RESULTS vs someone who actually ACHIEVES them?


Taking action on what you SAID that you wanted

Taking action on what you said you were GOING TO DO

Actually finding a way of changing your habits that isn’t so extreme that you give up in 2 days

Developing a lifestyle that works not just for 2 weeks, but long term for you (and for your family!!!)

Laying a foundation in HEALTH, focussing on the things that make you happy and building your CONFIDENCE!

Because without all of these things…..

Without preparing, planning and executing….

You will go through the same STOP START pattern as last year

As the year before

As the year before

And, sadly, as next year…..

Talk to me about how TRUE CHANGE occurs

About how the ladies I work with have easy to understand and EASY TO IMPLEMENT goals

So that they never feel overwhelmed

So that they never feel deprived

So that they never feel like they are sacrificing

So that they are able to get FANTASTIC RESULTS without going round in circles

We banish confusion and frustration

We banish diets and hard to action exercise regimes

And we will build something that truly works for you!

What say you???

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Let’s see in the New Year without the angst