We need to talk about US…….

We need to talk (About us)

This is probably the most difficult email that I’ve ever had to write

But there is something that I need to tell you

And it’s probably going to upset you.

I think….


I think we should take ‘a break’

Things between us?

They just don’t feel right at the moment.

I mean, I try to make things work…

I really do.

I send you an email and tell you how I feel every single day

But in return?

I get nothing

You just seem really distant

And if you’re ‘just not that into me’?

I’d rather you just come out and say it

If that’s too difficult?

There’s an easier way

All you need to do is go to the bottom of this email

And click on the unsubscribe link

If you do that?

You’ll never hear from me again

Nicola ‘goodbye’ Rossell

PS – when we first found each other…

We had so much potential

You were supposed to join BBT

And I was supposed to get you into the best shape of your adult life


We could have been so HAPPY

I guess what I’m trying to say is….

It’s not too late

And if there is any chance that we can STILL make this work?

I want you to tell me

And I want you to tell me NOW….

Before someone else comes along to take your place!

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