This myth is another sadly confusing and misleading concept

So allow me to add some context for you?

To lose weight, we have to create a caloric deficit

There are a few ways to do this



A combination of the two

However, the confusion comes in when we consider just HOW MUCH of each we need to do

I have seen ladies working out incessantly

I have seen ladies eating like birds

I have seen ladies try to combine the two….

When you create a severe caloric deficit, you can endanger your health and your metabolism

Your body’s priority is to keep you alive

So, if you are putting your health, your hormones and your energy at stake

The last thing to respond….your metabolism

This is unfortunate, because a lot of popular diets simply encourage

Eating less

Moving more

And of course, there are certainly some people who need to eat less

There are some people who need to move more

BUT, when it comes down to it, if you are creating a dramatic caloric deficit

By means of over exercising and under eating

If you are not optimising your approach to take into consideration your personal circumstances…

Your body WILL NOT respond in the way that you want

You may respond to a first or second time diet

But every time that you try…you are pushing your metabolic flexibility further and further

And there will be that time when the weight loss stops

Maybe you are there right now?

Is that why you are here reading my emails?

There are many different ways to approach weight loss

My way combines a focus on your health, happiness and confidence

Teaching you how to make the best choices for your body

For the health of your hormones, your energy and your ongoing happiness and progress!


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