MYTH #14: Should you ditch your diet?

MYTH #14


This is the final myth in this series of 14 myths that I planned to debunk and dispel!

I hope that you have learnt something new and useful as a result of this series

Ultimately, I want to give you clarity

Not add to the confusion

So if you are still feeling confused… me back and tell me where you are stuck!

Diets are such a big thing in our fitness industry

They are billion £££ empires

With celebrities endorsing them left right and centre!

The problem I have with diets…..the sustainability

The rigidity

And the lack of personalisation

How many times have you been on a diet?

How many times have you blamed yourself for not being able to stick to it?

This for me is a big problem

If your diet didn’t work

The diet failed YOU

Not the other way around!

If you could not stick to it, perhaps that says something about the diet…not about you!

When the rules are too strict

When you are asked to cut out whole food groups and restrict yourself from the foods that you enjoy….how successful do you think that this is really going to be?

When I consider nutrition with the ladies that I work with

  1. We look at personal tastes
  2. The flavours that they enjoy
  3. Their favourite meals and how we can incorporate them
  4. What the family likes to eat, so that you can all eat together
  5. Whether the food is making you feel good or bad
  6. Whether we need to reduce or eliminate certain things, based on the feedback from your energy, moods, cravings and hunger – not just on a whim!

I want to bring you to a place where you enjoy your food

Where you can make the best choices for your body

Without the guilt and shame

Without the emotional links that we often make to food and feelings

This is not an easy process

And it does involve ups and downs

But when it clicks

It’s a way of eating that lasts a lifetime

You never have to fall off the wagon

Because no foods are banned

You are not getting back on track, because you were never off track!

Do you see?

I am proud to say that my approach to your nutrition….

Is completely different to the way I do mine, the way I do your friends

Because it has to be!

It has to suit the individual and their needs, preferences and their family too!


Let me be clear, to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit
And your current habits, some of those will have to change – if you are stuck in a rut!
But this does not mean that you have to eat like a bird and starve your body!
You will have unique needs that I want to help you understand!

If you want to learn how I do it

If you want to join the next transformation where you will get the blue print for losing 6-12kg over 12 weeks

Ditch your diet

And come and work with me!


I also offer a money back guarantee

No questions asked!

If I cannot get the results that I promise you at the beginning

You can have your money back!


I’ve had a blast writing these for you

I hope you have some clarity now to move forwards and take control of your weight!