MYTH #13


There are many ways to work out, so many in fact that I can’t list them all here!

Working out is a very personal thing and depends on what you find to be fun

I strongly advise you to try out lots of different things until you find your thing (or things) that really make you want to get up and go

  1. When you find the exercise for you, you will do it rain or shine
  2. You will not find it to be a chore
  3. You will actually WANT to get up early and do it, or go out in the dark and do it
  4. When you find an activity that you love to do, it will become part of your lifestyle

This is what I encourage you to find

And if you don’t have that

Keep looking, your ‘thing’ is out there!


I like variety

And I like to have options and flexibility!

Do all of these make my body ache?

Absolutely not

It totally depends on how hard I push myself (intensity)

And also how often I do them (frequency)

When you are working out for the first time, your body will experience some muscle soreness

This is your body adapting to the exercise and getting used to what you are now doing

It can be quite off putting when the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) lasts for days

It isn’t always like that, trust me!

As your body adapts and learns to cope with what you are doing

It will get more efficient at removing waste products from your muscles

So over time, your body will not feel the same aches

Does this mean that the workouts that you are doing are pointless –ABSOLUTELY NOT

Exercise/movement has many incredible health benefits that happen whether your body aches or not!

Over time, working with a good coach, you will be exposed to new workouts, movements and your body will have to go through an adaptation period

So aches and DOMS will be expected here

But it’s certainly not par for the course

There are tonnes of workouts where I wouldn’t expect DOMS

I don’t get DOMS when I go for walks, and I would class walks as one of the BEST things that you can do for weight loss

I don’t get DOMS when I do gentle yoga and again, this is something that I would recommend highly as part of a weight loss plan

I don’t get DOMS when I bust a move in my kitchen, and I would DEFINITELY recommend random bursts of movement as part of a weight loss plan!

It would be a good idea to think of your routine in terms of

Find a balance that works for you between exercise, that creates a sweat, raises your heart rate and has more potential to leave you with some DOMS

And movement, where you just keep the blood flowing and your joints healthy (low intensity eg yoga, walking, gentle swimming)

When you find that balance that works for you….you will see great results!

So don’t worry, you don’t need to feel like you have been smashed to pieces for the exercise to be doing some good!

There are SO MANY benefits to lower intensity exercise, in a balance with the harder stuff


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We work hard, play hard and get amazing results that last a lifetime!