Mindfulness: what is it all about?

Have you ever given much thought to your day to day activities?

We can be ultra hard on ourselves with what we achieve in a day and really undervalue what we do

Which can leave us feeling like we are always chasing our tails….

And always chasing goals that seem to evade us!

In reality, life is hard

Time does seem to accelerate when you are busy

And if you don’t know how to slow things down, and take stock of your day….

You may feel like you are never getting anywhere whilst the world speeds on around you

Mindfulness is a new HOT TOPIC in the health and fitness industry

And like all things that seem to come and go

I think it will enjoy its day in the limelight, and then MOST people will go back to their old ways

This will be a travesty….because of ALL of the fads that I’ve seen come and go…

This is a BUZZ WORD that actually carries with it an importance and a relevance to EVERYONE

Rarely can it be said that an approach can suit or benefit every single person

I regularly slam approaches that don’t consider what the individual needs (because I do believe that a bespoke approach is needed when our lives have so many nuances)

But this is something that EVERYONE will benefit from

All of these are things that EVERYONE could be better at!

It would allow you to live your life feeling more in control

You would have less drive to self-sabotage

You would be more present and able to see the truth of a situation (something that often gets lost in the raw

emotion of things!)

And you would be able to accept and love what is, not what wasn’t, or what could have been…

This acceptance of the reality, and living in the moment is what I strive for

I am not always successful, and it’s an ongoing process for me to learn and discover how I respond to different things

BUT my daily practice of MINDFULNESS helps me to be more aware and more able to make the choices that I want to make

Not the choices that I get driven toward in frustration, anger or irritation.

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